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3 Things to Stop Doing When Your Spouse is an Alcoholic


AlcoholicAnyone living with an alcohol addict knows just how much the problem affects everyone at home. As the alcoholic’s addiction grows further, the spouse is often left to clean up the mess and pick up the slack.

Have you become the sole functioning parent, or the sole provider, even? Have you rescued your partner from trouble, accidents, or even jail time? Chances are it’s you who makes excuses for no-shows at family gatherings, and are the one who patches up relationships and damaged properties.

How can you stop your spouse from drinking so much? The short answer, unfortunately, is you can’t. Unless you bring them to a recovery center, they will not stop even if they want to.

There’s good news, though. If you can’t actually stop them from drinking, there are things you can stop doing to help them take action for their drinking. Here are some of them:

Trying to Control It

Naturally, you try everything you can think of to get your loved one to stop drinking. This, unfortunately, will only leave you feeling frustrated. As mentioned before, even alcoholics can’t stop their own behavior.

The best thing you can do is to find a recovery center, such as This way, you are letting experts guide your loved one out of the bottomless pit of addiction.

Protecting the Drinker

Never protect your spouse whenever they experience consequences. If they take time off from work for being too drunk, don’t call the boss and come up with an excuse. A problem drinker will be too happy to let someone else take over the responsibility—remember that they need to accept the responsibility on their own.

Screaming, Shouting, and Nagging About the Behavior

Never scream or nag about your partner’s drinking behavior. This only gives them the excuse to drink even more. Instead of letting them realize that you nag because they drink, it goes the other way around: “I drink because you nag.”

Alcohol addiction is a family disease. According to experts, at least five other people experience its effects in a phenomenon called “secondhand drinking”.

Fortunately, there’s still hope for you and your partner. Don’t try to protect the addiction, don’t protect the drinker, and don’t nag about their behavior— and leave the rest to experts.

The Three C’s to a Better Moving Experience

Pack the items properly

Pack the items properlyDelivery vans, moving trucks and pick up service vehicles will always be part of the commercial world. Businesses rent and even own one or more of these vehicles for certain occasions. However, hiring or renting delivery trucks and movers for personal purposes can be harrowing.

Consider these useful tips when choosing which company to hire.

Choose Wisely

Whether it’s by word of mouth or a commendation from the mayor’s office, a truck rental company’s reputation is the best way to gauge the quality of its products and services. References from friends, colleagues or business contacts should give you an idea whether that moving company you saw in the ad can live up to their promises come crunch time.

There are other companies, so don’t just choose depending on a promo offer or a discount card.

Check the Fine Print

Check the fine print for insurances, mortgages and hiring services—do this for everything. Hidden fees and vague guarantees may be hiding within the technical jargon of the fine print.

Read carefully. If you don’t understand what you’re reading or not seeing what you need to see, choose another company.

Their services and payment schemes should be easy to see. Ask for clarifications if something is not explained well. If you are still unsure or not happy with the response, find another mover.

Care for Your Items

The movers should transport your stuff while preserving their original condition. This is why it is important to find help from experts. For instance, recommends hiring vans with a man to drive it. The man should know what to do to make the moving and delivery process easier because he has done the job for other people.

While the company will be moving your items, you still need to do one thing: Pack your items properly. Label boxes, especially those containing breakable objects. Discuss details with the movers before they even start picking up your furniture or appliances.

Moving can be stressful or easy, depending on how you do it. Choose the moving company wisely, check their fine print and care for your items to make things easier.

A Brief Overview of Adjudication for Settling Progress Payment Disputes


adjudicationProfessionals or workers operating in the Queensland building and construction industry can settle progress payment disputes through adjudication. This is one of the provisions in the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act of 2004 (BCIPA).

What is adjudication?

Adjudication is a dispute resolution system for resolving disagreements over progress payments. It applies to construction work and related services within Queensland, as stated in the BCIPA of 2004.This process also covers under construction contracts, as long as said contractual arrangements take place after 1 October 2004.

The process starts when you and your local commercial litigation lawyer send a written request to the individual or company that you have a dispute over a progress payment. After sending your request, you have to wait a specified time for a reply.

If you are unsatisfied with their response, you can apply to have your case decided by an adjudicator. The adjudicator will assess all the facts in a progress payment dispute. You can get more information about the process from commercial litigation lawyers. Brisbane law firms can further explain the requirements for adjudication.

Is Adjudication a Good Option?

The value of your payment claim determines the amount you pay to an adjudicator. To make the fee estimation easy, capped amounts are provided for claims up to $25,000. This makes adjudication a good option, especially when compared to the cost of taking a case to court.

Adjudication can also be an effective decision-making process, as long as you pay close attention to the timeframes. You must include the required information on any notice or document that you will be sending. Like with any claim system, claimants need to adhere to strict timelines and processes.

Despite the strict timelines and processes, claimants do not need to be legal professionals to understand and adhere to the system. Nonetheless, it is more prudent to talk with your local lawyer for more information about the process.

Bathtub Stains: They’re Possible to Remove


BathtubSoaking in a warm bath is one of the cheapest and most effective means to relax and throw the stress away.

Utah being one of the most stressful states in America is home to many individuals who will benefit from finding time to de-stress in their homes. This is true, unless the bathtub looks like a crime scene from ages ago.

Learning the basics of bathtub maintenance will save owners from spending too much money on cleaning and repairs, and keep them sane in the days to come.

Know the Cleaning Supplies

Never enter a battlefield without a sword – or in this case, a scrub, a spray bottle, a pair of protective gloves, and a cleaning detergent. Purchasing scrubs and sponges is necessary so you won’t bend for half an hour or more, this may only cause back pain in the end.

Never use chemical solutions without understanding the directions. Mishandling them may result to serious injuries. Other than chemicals or detergents, there are common household items that effectively removes stains.

If doubtful about the proper use of a cleaning product, hiring hot tub maintenance experts in Salt Lake City is the best move. Never hesitate to ask for assistance if the circumstances demand it.

Rinse it Well

Rinse the tub thoroughly after scrubbing, but make sure not to overdo it. Remember that scrubbing too hard on mild stains will damage the tub.

Inspect the Outcome

Are there traces of molds that did not wash off along with the others? Pouring another round of detergent on those and leaving them for about ten minutes before scrubbing usually solves the problem. If this fails, switching to baking soda, bleach or resorting to other brands is worth a try.

Relaxation can be as simple as going home to a clean bathtub and taking a bubble bath. This privilege, however, is accessible only to those who make the effort of keeping their tub sparkling clean.

Bring on the Cool: Three Ways to Prepare for Winter


winterWinter is just around the corner, and you better prepare for it. Days will be cooler, so you need to have the right supplies. You also need to check that your home can take the downpour of wetter times ahead. Taking stock and preparing the following things before the seasons change can help you have a worry-free winter:

Home Preparations

Unlike other areas which receive snow in winter, Perth’s mild winters mean that you won’t have to trudge through thick ice to get from place to place. What you need to be ready for is rain and lots of it. Your home is your fortress against the season’s forces, so make sure to fortify it the best that you can.

Check that your walls and windows can keep out rain. Apply sealant around windows to prevent water from coming into your home. Rainwater may further damage your walls if are already cracked. Repair them before the rains start.

Also see if your roof needs restoration. in Perth suggests looking for broken tiles or holes on your roof. Repairing these assures you that your home’s interior will not suffer any water-related damages. It is better to start restoring your roof before the onset of winter, than to scramble for stopgap solutions later on.

Food and Supplies

It will be cooler, so it will be the best time to try warm, comforting food like soups and stews. Refresh your pantry by stocking up on food that is perfect for enjoying the season. The cooler and wetter days may discourage you from going out for supplies all the time, so it’s best to have some essentials at home ready for your enjoyment.

4 Ways an Asset Management Plan Can Help You

Asset Management Planning

Asset Management PlanningAsset management planning is crucial in making decisions regarding the building, maintenance, operation and disposal of assets. It helps make the operations a lot smoother. Here are the ways it can help your organisation:

1. Having an asset management plan tells you what should be done and how to do it. An organisation needs to sustain control over how things should be done to make sure that these are accomplished within specific time frames. This will define the strategy to optimise investments and to determine the steps to make this happen. Having a plan also provides a way to measure success in terms of asset management.

2. Since government agencies, investors and other regulatory bodies enforce a certain level of scrutiny, having an asset management plan ensures that your organisation maintains accountability and transparency. Protecting the integrity of your finances is crucial so you need proper planning to avoid the risk of discrepancies in data. Putting in place an asset management system allows you to track and record all processes and operations, making it easier to protect and justify the integrity of the information your organisation provides.

3. An asset management plan is a useful tool for innovation. It helps you explore and venture into more ways to improve services, operations, and processes—especially finding cost-efficient solutions. For instance, having a plan will determine how to go about a smooth implementation, reducing the risk of unnecessary costs from delays in operations and possibly cost increases. Moreover, cutting-edge technology or any form of innovation leads to more savings and more positive outcomes.

4. An asset management plan standardises processes, simplifying daunting and complicated tasks. A template and the right tools across the whole organisation can make reporting, data compilation and data sharing easier and more efficient. This can save time and leave room for more productivity while making sure all mandatory information is well prepared.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget on a Road Trip

LED spotlights

LED spotlightsA road trip is a fun way to spend a long weekend. Nevertheless, it may become a nightmare if you don’t have all the essentials. So if you’re planning a road trip, here are the things you shouldn’t forget to bring so you can enjoy the long ride:


It’s hard to drive and move around especially at night if you don’t have lights. Make sure that you have flashlights to guide your way and help you in case your car breaks down. Use 4×4 LED spotlights in your vehicle for easier navigation.

Spare fuel

You can’t count on gas stations especially if you’re driving on the outback. It’s better to have excess fuel in your car while on a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.


Don’t forget food for road trips on remote areas. You should have at least a ratio of 2:1 –two days’ worth of food per day and person. Try freeze- dried foods or diet-friendly road trip snacks that won’t spoil easily in case you end up stranded and lost.

Kitchen essentials

Use compact cooking materials if you’re not up to eating ready-made food. Bring emergency stoves, pots and lighters to enhance your outdoor camping experience. Use disposable spoons, forks and plates instead of the usual kitchenware so you don’t have to clean them.


Sleeping on the car will leave you with pains and a bad mood. Bring a tent to ease your slumber if your road trip will take days. Should you end up stuck somewhere for days, at least you can stay there in comfort.

First Aid Kit

You don’t know what will happen to you on the road so it’s better to have a first aid kit. Bring insect repellent lotions and medicines to keep pests and ailments from ruining your road trip.


The GPS is your best friend, especially if you are travelling to unfamiliar territory. It will help you navigate different roads and prevent others from capitalising on your unaccustomedness.


Consuming untreated water may give you problems and ruin your trip. Avoid this problem by bringing your own supply of drinking water.

Lack of preparation may spoil your road trip. Packing these essentials will make your travel comfortable and convenient.

Property Plans: Choosing an Estate Agency

house realty

house realtyEstate agencies assist in managing, selling and renting of properties, such as houses and commercial buildings.

They take away the guesswork and extra stress when it comes to your property. Choosing the right agency can help you get the most out of the sale or purchase.

Consider these factors when choosing the agents who can work for you:


If the estate agency cannot explain your property’s situation beyond the technical jargon, find one that can lay out the facts. There may be times that figures and details are unclear. Communication barriers can put a damper on your business relationship, so better go for an estate agency that you can easily talk to.


There was a time when getting hold of an estate agent meant making prior appointments to discuss property concerns. If you do not have the time for appointments, you can get an online estate agency in UK. They provide an alternative to traditional letting, selling and buying of properties. Through online management, owners can easily sell and market their properties. When you choose online property agencies as your partner, you can get a space on their web pages for your property promotions.


People are likely to haggle when it comes to buying or selling properties. If you are planning to buy a property, a good estate agency must be knowledgeable enough to look for discounts and other ways that you can save for your purchase. If you are selling, estate agents will make sure the price is within reason. Remember, you still have the final say on any purchases or sales made on your behalf.

These three simple considerations can help you make the right decision for your property. Once you find your choice of estate agents, do not break the connection with that company. After all, it may yield a worthy business relationship.

Candida Yeast Overgrowth: Hidden Causes of Common Health Problems

Candida yeast overgrowth

Candida yeast overgrowthWomen experiencing recurring fatigue, irritability, or sinus infections usually blame the problem on stress, allergy, and anxiety. These seemingly normal reactions to hyper-busy life, however, may actually be signs of something bigger. Health experts relate frequent fatigue and loss of energy to Candida yeast overgrowth.

Candida Wellness explains the damaging effects of yeast overgrowth on your body:

More About Candida

Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast organism that is healthy and normal part of the microbes in your gastrointestinal tract. When it proliferates in the body, however, almost all systems are negatively affected. Typical symptoms of Candida yeast overgrowth include headaches, anxiety, brain fog, digestive problems, and exhaustion.

Weakening Symptoms

Signs of yeast overgrowth are usually seen on the skin, and in the gut and mouth. Symptoms are usually general so it is not easily detected or diagnosed. When yeast overgrowth increases dramatically, however, the symptoms can be debilitating. These include weight gain, constipation, depression, and even food sensitivities.

Causes of Candida Overgrowth

Many lifestyle-based environmental conditions result in Candida yeast imbalance and overgrowth. This can be due to a diet high in refined sugar and carbohydrate, and drinking chlorinated water. Antibiotics, birth control pills, and anti-inflammatory drugs that compromise intestinal flora can also cause problems.

Trying the Spit Test

Try the spit test first thing in the morning to know if you have yeast overgrowth. Fill a clear glass with 8 ounces of water and spit in it. Wait for about 10 to 20 minutes and see what happens to your saliva. Healthy saliva will float, while abnormalities will cause it to sink and look cloudy.

Treating Overgrowth

See a doctor and ask for a diagnostic Candida test if you suspect yeast overgrowth. Dietary changes can also help. Make sure to avoid foods that are acidic, fermented, and rich in sugars, as they create a favorable environment for yeast overgrowth. Stick to fresh vegetables, organic meats, seeds and nuts, water, and tea to keep good bacteria strong.

Don’t let yeast overgrowth drain your energy and affect your daily performance. Know more about this condition for better treatment and management. Avoiding stressful activities is also ideal to support and rebalance the body’s overall vitality.

Are You Guilty of These Hair Crimes?


hairSuper dry hair, over-bleached or over-relaxed hair? If you’re guilty on one or more of these counts, then you need help now. While many women say they know their hair better than anyone else can, unfortunately, not all actually do.

Your hair is one the first things people see when they look at you so it is only right that you take great care of it and you can start by avoiding these hair crimes most women are guilty of.


Hair must not be washed daily to avoid stripping off essential oils. Consider a dry shampoo in between washes instead.

Not Getting a Trim or Cut on Time

This only leads to terrible split ends. Growing your hair like Rapunzel takes careful planning with the help of your hairstylist, because you would still need trims every now and then to avoid split ends.


Always go to hair salon in Perth for hair relaxing. Over-relaxing causes hair breakage and dryness.

Colouring Hair at Home

Most women who colour their at home end up booking an appointment to the hair salon to correct their mistakes, such as not selecting the suitable colour based on their skin tone.

Cutting Your Bangs

Some are successful, but most are not. So unless you want to look like a little girl, better schedule an appointment with your chosen hairstylist.

Using Hot Styling Tools on Wet Hair

Unless it’s a life or death situation, never use irons for drying your hair to avoid burning your hair follicles.

Piling on the Conditioner

Conditioner should be focused on your hair’s ends and not on your entire head. This is one of the main causes of dandruff.

Detangling Hair Like It’s the End of the World

Have some patience when detangling your tresses. To start, put some conditioner to detangle knots and then finger comb. Then, leave on the conditioner for five to ten minutes and comb your hair gently with a detangling comb.

So, are you guilty of these hair crimes? Being aware of these hair crimes is a step in the right direction, so make sure to avoid these mistakes and always consult professional help whenever necessary.