The Basics of E-Commerce

E-commerce covers the entire aspect of selling, marketing, delivering and managing goods online. It might seem as easy setting your own Facebook account, but it actually requires many things to function correctly. More »

Are We Seeing the Near End of Physical Stores in America?

The Internet drastically changed the way companies and consumers interact. Online shopping overtook the brick and mortar as early as 2013, according to CNBC news. In America, there were 191.1 million online More »

The Hallmarks of an Effective Social Media Campaign

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From Scrap to Cash: Getting the Best Deal for Your Old Vehicle

old vehicle

old vehicleA damaged or old vehicle is only taking up space and making your garage look cluttered. Instead of letting that old car deteriorate, why not sell it to scrap metal companies? After all, the best way to clear space in your garage is to earn money from your junk vehicle.

As soon as you make a deal with a company offering scrap car removal in Perth, you only need to secure a clearance to tow the vehicle. Soon enough you’ll be rid of your damaged vehicle – and for good money at that.

What qualifies as junk vehicle?

Car removal companies collect unwanted vehicles, specifically damaged trucks, wrecked SUVs, and smashed convertibles. Cars that are not that old but are not roadworthy due to serious mechanical problems classify as junk vehicle, as well.

To get the best deal for your old car, you must do a preliminary survey. Some companies provide free quotes by phone. Call to make an enquiry or browse their site for available offers.

Don’t settle for the first car removal company you come across. Search around your neighbourhood to find the best deals available. Negotiate the price for your junk vehicle—do your research and learn about the value of your old car instead of just relying on the figures they give you.

Your junk car for a worthy cause

Some car removal companies that accept old model vehicles are also one-stop solutions for metal scraps. Using recycling equipment, they remove the parts and accessories that they can sell as second-hand items.

Find out if the company accepts cars that are ready for scrapping, regardless of the year of its make. Some companies will collect the vehicle from your home as soon as you present the car title, a valid ID, and other documents as proof of ownership.

Things to Keep in Mind When Exploring Perth

Exploring Perth

Exploring PerthPerth, Western Australia’s capital city, is a clean, beautiful and friendly destination that offers plenty of attractions. Whether you like shopping, theatre, entertainment, culture or commerce, Perth has something for you.

You can use many transportation methods to visit the city if you’re from another country, including by rail, sky, land and sea. To know how to go about this city that’s full of surprises, read on.

Airport Transportation

Once you arrive in Perth Airport, you can either ride a taxi, airport bus service or airport shuttle. Taxis are accessible from both international and domestic terminals. It will take 20 to 30 minutes and cost at most AUD 40. Perth Airport’s bus service is available within 45 minutes of customs clearance. The Perth Airport Connect provides shuttle services available at Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4 to both Fremantle and Perth City.

Traveling Around Perth

Traveling around Perth is rather easy. Its surroundings are very easy to navigate, complete with sign-posted roads and a superb public transportation system. Here are some of the best choices you have.


Motor homes and car rentals in Perth are readily available. You just need a valid driver’s license to avail. There’s no need to have an international license, but it’s recommended. Shop around for the best deal, as there are many companies that have special offers. If you are an outdoorsy type, you can rent basic camp facilities, too.

Free CAT Bus

Enjoy easy and free transport within Perth’s city centre through modern CAT buses. They have four routes that travel around the city and to Leederville. Bus stops are easy to recognize.

Bus and Train

Five train lines are available in the Perth metropolitan area, departing from Fremantle, Joondalup, Armadale, Midland, and Mandurah. There are also connecting bus services along these train lines. You can visit the Transperth website for a detailed journey planner.

Do your research and plan ahead so you could spend more time exploring and less time getting lost in the great city that is Perth.

The Basics of E-Commerce


E-commerceE-commerce covers the entire aspect of selling, marketing, delivering and managing goods online. It might seem as easy setting your own Facebook account, but it actually requires many things to function correctly.

In truth, small businesses will have a hard time doing their own e-commerce work. These enterprises commonly have the exact amount of staff that operates in a tight budget. They will lack the time to monitor online presences, which won’t go down well for the owner and the employees. Therefore, they work with professionals such as PR Caffeine to handle the undertaking.

Now, before you do the same, it’s better to know the basics of e-commerce. It’s a way to understand some rudimentary knowledge when it comes to doing Internet business.

Why Even Go for It?

Think of the Internet as a marketplace. The sheer number of people logged in online is astounding, even when categorized. So if your e-commerce venture is focused on the U.S., there are still hundreds of millions of users who can see or even buy your commodity.

Additionally, targeting a specific market is easier online. This is mainly due to a little tracking and analytics. A quick look at these statistics will show you the behavior of users. You can use that to your advantage, showing potential customers what you offer.

What Does It Involve?

What you need in e-commerce is a point of sale, and this could take many forms. It’s safe to assume that you will eventually settle with PayPal, but there several payment systems available that could accommodate your specific needs.

As for your online store’s looks, it must reflect the look of your website if you have one. In case you don’t, at least color-coordinate your business website to your logo for a consistent feel to it. Customer service is another thing that you have to worry about, but with CRM tools, it’s easier.

There are still some aspects to cover such as how will you attract customers, determining shipping costs, presenting your products or services and many more. You will get chances to learn all these on your way to success.

Three Reasons You Should Deal with Your Cockroach Infestation ASAP


CockroachImagine this: you’re watching your favorite TV show, laughing at the scenes and munching on your favorite snacks. Suddenly, a cockroach flies out of nowhere and made a beeline for you. For anyone, this experience would make them run and scream the air out of their lungs.

Cockroaches are among the common house pests in Austin homes. These six-legged creatures can grow to more than two inches, and have outstanding survival skills—some even say they can survive a nuclear blast.

One thing remains true about these creatures: they are annoying and dangerous pests. Pest control Austin experts explain the three reasons you should deal with your cockroach infestation immediately:

1. They Carry Harmful Organisms

Cockroaches are carriers of salmonella, streptococcus, and E. coli, which are often the causes of serious health problems. They get these harmful organisms from rotten food, fecal matter, dead plant, or garbage. Studies also show that cockroaches can cause indoor allergies. They have odorous secretions that may cause hypersensitivity. The more cockroaches there are, the greater the allergic reaction.

2. They Spread Diseases by Simply Crawling Over Utensils

Disease-causing organisms carried by cockroaches are often transmitted through contact. These crawl on household items, kitchen utensils, and dinnerware. If you happen to use these for eating or preparing meals, you might get ill or spread the infection across your household. As such, it’s important to cover your household items, especially those you use for cooking and eating.

3. Their Saliva and Excrements can Contaminate Your Food

Cockroaches can also spread harm through their saliva and droppings. Cockroach excrements can find their way into the food you eat. These creatures defecate on food or utensils, leaving behind dead skin or empty eggshells.

Cockroaches can multiply quickly. There may even be cases when pesticides are no longer effective to kill these creatures and remove them from your home. At times like this, it’s best to leave the situation to pest control experts.

Are We Seeing the Near End of Physical Stores in America?

online shopping

online shoppingThe Internet drastically changed the way companies and consumers interact. Online shopping overtook the brick and mortar as early as 2013, according to CNBC news.

In America, there were 191.1 million online shoppers two years ago and is expected to surpass 200 million this year 2015.

So, what drives digital consumers to abandon in-store shopping?

  • The Need for Information

Shopper look for information all the time. Google conducted a research entitled “Digital Impact on In-Store Shopping: Research Debunks Common Myths” on October of 2014. The study found out that 2 in 3 shoppers who tried to find information inside a store say they didn’t find what they’re looking for. The availability of info online fills the gap, which makes consumers choose to buy TV online and other gadgets.

  • More Options to Shop

Since the net provides the information they need, it also provides a number of options for consumer buying experience. The study says that 75% of the respondents resort to the use of Search Engines, 71% choose Online-Only RetailerSites/Apps, and 70% Website/Apps for Retailers with Physical Stores. Other options are Social Networking Websites/Apps, Online Video Websites/Apps, and Coupon or Daily Deal Websites/Apps.

  • Mobile Experience

With smartphones and tablets, consumers can shop anywhere, anytime. The Consumers in the Americas report released by Euromonitor says that 84% of shoppers are now using smartphones as a “shopping companion”.
Most Popular Purchases

According to the Harris Interactive survey results, the Americans’ most popular online and mobile purchases include:

1. clothing
2. digital content such as movies, music and e-books
3. accessories
4. personal electronics
5. household electronics

Top 5 Tech Products Consumers Buy Over the Net

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) conducted a survey during holiday sales, such as Black Friday. According to their study, the top five tech products consumers plan to purchase are:

1. Tablets
2. TV
3. Laptop/notebook computers
4. Smartphones
5. Video game consoles

The majority of American consumers is now enjoying buying stuff using their smart devices. Are we seeing the near end of physical stores in America?

Dress the Tootsies: What to Look for When Buying Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Baby ShoesThe only two words we all love to hear is this: shoe shopping! It’s a different story when you’re buying a pair for your little toddler, though. When you’re out shopping with your child, you make an effort to get them to try on some footwear without a tantrum or without wiggling out of your lap.

As if that weren’t challenging enough, figuring out whether they’re actually the right shoes for your tot is also difficult. To make matters worse, it’s extremely important to find the right shoes when your baby is just starting to learn how to walk—otherwise they could stumble more and take longer to develop the skill.

To make shoe shopping for your little one a bit easier, here are some things to look in a pair:


The first thing you need to look for is breathability, because baby feet sweat a lot. You can go for fabric or canvas shoes, but the best choice would be leather ones. They are much more flexible, and they provide better support for you little one’s tootsies.

Stay away from plastic—no matter how cute they look. There are many cute leather and canvas baby shoes out there. Some baby brands even sell baby mocs made of genuine leather.


Your baby’s first pair of shoes does not need to have ankle support because they can be a little too stiff or tight for newly mobile humans. Your little one’s muscles need room to develop and strengthen on their own.

Look for soles that are super soft instead. Make sure you can bend the shoes in any direction, and that you can feel your baby’s toes through the material.


When buying your little one’s first shoes, make sure their pair passes the thumb test. To do this, put your thumb between your child’s biggest toe and the edge of the shoe while they’re wearing it. If it fits, it’s a good pair.

Make sure the shoes pass the pinch test, too. Make sure you can grasp a bit of the material between your fingers at the widest part of the shoe.

So many people think baby shoes are pointless and silly, and only purchase the least pricey pair they can find in a store’s clearance aisle. Your baby deserves to be loved and to be well taken care of—and what simple way to show your child that by buying them the perfect first pair?

Why It’s Important to Understand Risks in the Workplace


workplaceWhat happens when you do not take the time to understand the possible risks your business may face? The various industries pose a variety of possible risks and complications, both for the employee and the employer. In Australia, some can get as worse as occupational cancer.

If you’re afraid to talk about the worst case scenario, think again. Here are the reasons to reconsider that thought.


While it may seem morbid to think of the downfall before even getting there, knowing what to do in the event of one, can reduce its inevitable damage to your company.

Strategic Safety Australia is one to support this cause for adequate preparation, because let’s face it, nothing is worse than facing a storm without even an umbrella in hand.


Upon identifying your possible problem points, you are given the opportunity to work your way around them and arrive at a preventive measure that can free you of the feared circumstances.

Expect the worst and hope for the best. As long as you work towards its prevention as opposed to just sitting there and waiting for it to happen, then you can work in peace knowing you did not fall short to ensure the safety of your business and your employees.


Your job is to protect your own, and that means doing everything that you can to make sure nothing happens to your assets and your people. Even if it means identifying the worst possible scenario you and your people will face. It is scary, but it is scarier if you are unprepared and unprotected.

Anticipating the worst may lead you to the best answer. Ask the right questions and get the right solutions even before the problem arrive. When they do, look them in the eye and have no fear.

Gaps in Relapse: What Exactly Drives Women to Slip Back to Addiction

drug addiction

drug addictionWomen turn to drugs for reasons completely different from men. For some, it’s broken relationships that urge them. Others see substance abuse as a way of coping with physical or sexual abuse. Apparently, women also encounter different challenges when it comes to staying clean.

Here are the top reasons women fall into relapse, according to psychiatrists:

Jumping into a Romantic Relationship Too Soon

Women who get into romantic relationships at the early stages of recovery are more likely to slip back to addiction. When such ties go wrong, the pain could cause a downward emotional spiral.

The first days to recovery are a period of rediscovering oneself. This is the time when women are trying to determine who they are and what they want. When this self-discovery gets interrupted by relationship conflicts, women tend to cope with addiction.

Guard your emotions. Secure yourself first before committing to another person. When you feel the urge to get into a relationship or slip back to addiction, get help. It’s best if you can make yourself accountable to a support group in a drug rehab for women.

Neglecting Other Psychiatric Disorders

Most women who become addicted experience other mental illness. Some of the most common are personality disorders, eating disorders and depression. Women are more prone to relapse when they suffer negative emotions. Urges in mental disorders can trigger impulses for substance use.

In cases like this, it’s important to diagnose and treat both addiction and mental health problem. Get proper care from rehab centers that specialize in these programs. Treatments must train you to be watchful of moods and depressive symptoms.

Suffering Stigma and Lack of Support

There’s a greater stigma society tags in addicted women. This is one risk factor for relapse. The feeling of shame tends to drive women to self-fulfil the negative ‘labels’ they are branded with.

Because of this stigma, women tend to be isolated from social groups that are supposed to provide emotional support. This is a bigger threat to recovery. When they find no emotional support from family and friends, they’ll more likely turn to old social networks who tolerate addiction.

This is why you need to be firm in your commitment to filter the people in your ‘new’ network. What you need is people who can help you, not drag you back down again. Keeping in touch with committed recovering addicts can help.

Women slip back to addiction for different reasons. Know the triggers and avoid them. The path to recovery is hard, but with little steps, you’ll eventually make it.

Taking it to the Streets: Why Busking is the Next Big Thing


BuskingPerformers are usually found on stages, TVs and even computer screens—but since the world is your stage, even the streets have become a platform for every performer out there.

Be it dancers, singers or stunt performers have a space in the streets for the world to see. Admittedly, witnessing their talents displayed in plain sight makes the whole experience even more exhilarating.

Why is that?

No Guts, No Glory

The whole idea of putting yourself out there greatly depends on your confidence and seeing it in someone so talented will surely catch your attention and interest.

When skilled individuals take it to the streets, they’re sure to create a buzz and a crowd. Imagine being in an area fully surrounded by different types of buskers—just like Singapore’s very own festival, Buskers Sentosa. The thought may be overwhelming, but it is definitely and ultimately entertaining.

Fun and leisure aside, being in the presence of confident people showcasing their talents will create a lasting impact on you.

Express not Impress

While all performance is a form of art, having the ability to share it to everybody else around the world is a different skill altogether.

When the audience sees just how passionate you are in your craft, you are sure to gather fans and a following. The best performance isn’t one done for the audience, it is those executed for oneself—this is something the audience sees and can deeply connect with.

Think laying your heart out just for the purpose of wanting to fully express how you think and feel. It’s beautiful and touching.

Hype and Interest

Nothing is more fulfilling for a fan than to stumble upon fresh talent that nobody has any idea about. You may seem indie and all mysterious about it, but that in itself creates the hype and excitement surrounding someone undiscovered.

That is exactly what buskers are—fresh talent waiting to be feasted upon.

The next time you see a busker, stop and listen or watch, be inspired to share your talents and put it out into the world. The world needs more brave and talented people on the streets.

Uno, Dos, Stress: Top 3 Ways to Get Rid of Stress


stressModern day living can be stressful. You have to process lots of information every minute and keep up with the fast-pace of everybody else. Often, this leads to some suffer from stress and anxiety, which can lead to more serious health consequences.

Too much stress can put a toll on your body, which can make you weak and vulnerable against diseases. So, it is important to take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern living and remove stress from your system. If you do not know where to start, take a look at the following stress-relieving pointers:

Take herbal supplements

Nature can help you fight stress. Mucuna pruriens, also known as velvet beans and other names in many areas is lauded for its range of medicinal properties. It is used as an herbal supplement, particularly because it contains L-dopa, an amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the body’s shield against stress and elevates the mood.

Get moving

If you are feeling too much stress lately, take a break and find time to do some exercises. Any type of exercise can help you relieve the stress you are feeling. This is because endorphins get released when you exercise, which can lower stress level. It is better if you can join a fitness group or invite your friends to work out together. You can feel connected with other people and cope with stress better.

Reward yourself

Often, it is you who put yourself under a lot of stress. So, to prevent stress from taking over life, make sure to reward yourself for every job or tasks you have done. You can feel better and more confident when you know have done well.

You do not have to let stress take the fun out of your modern life. With these pointers, you can feel much better and take on challenges with more energy and will.