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The Best Type of Coating for Your Newly Installed Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate FlooringLaminate flooring is a good investment. If you have plans to sell the property, then it is important to protect the newly installed floor with a product that serves as an effective barrier against damaging elements. Although debate continues on the matter, many flooring authorities recommend the use of polyurethanes as protective coating for laminates. Here are some of the reasons this type of product comes highly recommended.

A Short Chemistry Lesson

To understand why polyurethane coating is a good choice for laminate flooring, you need to learn about the versatility of the material. This polymer is used in making foams, adhesives, fibers, paints, and many more. Even spandex is made from this popular polymer. Because of its strength and versatility, its use in the building and construction industry is well founded.

Proper Application

A polyurethane finish is usually mopped onto the laminate floor. Because of the top layer of resin and the innate properties of laminates, the coating must be allowed to dry completely. This takes at least one hour per layer. To be sure, allow each layering of the product to dry for two hours before applying another coat. For best results, multiple layers of high performance coating should be applied. This may seem time-consuming, but the time and effort spent are well worth it.

Advantages of Polyurethane Coating

An effective layer of protection prevents moisture from seeping into the floors. Polyurethanes offer adequate resistance against moisture, as well as many types of potentially damaging chemicals. The surface is strengthened by the coating and keeps the surface looking great despite heavy use and foot traffic.

Although this type of coating is mostly used on wooden flooring, laminates can benefit as well, since there is nothing tougher than this product. Of all the coating solutions in the market today, the formulation used in high quality products is designed to resist most types of liquids such that the laminates used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms can last a very long time.

Starting Out: 3 Ways to Get Your Shop out to the Public


officeStarting out a micro-business or a micro-enterprise in Perth can be tricky. Of course, from small retail stores to a service-oriented business, it begins from a small capital and a handful of workers to set up shop. Then, along the way, you would need to ‘break out’ into the market and get your business name out there.

If you are still in the early phases of starting your business venture, say, a small retail store selling wares, clothes, or whatever might be, ADP Store Fixtures outlines three ways to get your store to mainstream consciousness.

Going into Events

Participating in social events such as conventions and exhibits can be your window into getting new customers. Trade shows in Australia attract specific crowds. Find one where your products or services fit in. For a fee, you can sign your group or business as one of the exhibitors. Sell your wares, meet new people and get them clued in at the great deals you can offer.

Set Up a Small Public Store

This is a very conventional option. Find places in the city where you can set up your business. A kiosk or boutique in Perth’s shopping districts such as King’s Street can be a good start, if you have the capital. If your new store begins to rack up the profit, you may consider maintaining it in the long term. Shop fitter services can help you set this up by providing the right equipment to bring it up to full operating capabilities.

Take to the Web

It is no secret that many micro-enterprises today also take to the web to get their business into the market. If they are doing it, why shouldn’t you? For starters, you can start a blog accessible to the public that will showcase your products and services. Web designers can also set up your business’ own website for a more customized and optimized Internet presence. But aside from showcasing your trade, you can also expand your services into the net such as online shopping and customer registration and the like.

Micro-enterprises have potential for success, but growth and expansion is key to this. Make sure you always think out of the box so your business keeps its competitive edge.

Keeping Your Workplace Safe from Forklift-Related Accidents

Avoiding Forklift Mishaps

Avoiding Forklift MishapsIn the workplace, the cliché ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ is the biggest lie ever. Not being able to tell the presence of danger is, by logic, dangerous. As a manager, reminding your workers about the importance of foresight means lowering your workers comp costs while maintaining a safe, productive workplace.

Dangers in Operation

Forklifts move and stack heavy loads around the work site. Because of their nature, forklifts always have a tendency to tip over, crash, or run over someone. As a manager, provide your forklift operators the training they need to make every operation safe.

Predicting a Forklift Tip-Over

Printing Take 5 risk assessment posters, suggests bsprint.com.au, and other visual reminders are helpful in prompting everyone to think first before they act. In forklift operations, you want your operators to ponder on these things first before getting behind the wheel:

  • Is the capacity appropriate for the load?
  • Is my load stable and secure?
  • Do I see any possible overhead dangers when getting and stacking loads?
  • Do I see any cracks, dents, and other defects in the forklift mast and loader?
  • Are the tyres, controls, warnings, and brakes all functioning properly?
  • Is the forklift equipped with ROPS, or rollover protection structure, in case of a tip-over?
  • Am I wearing the right clothing?
  • Are there any hazards within your driving range (loose objects, bumps, slippery floor)? If so, how can I eliminate them?
Additional Reminders

Remind your operators to always drive in reverse when going down a ramp or hill. This would ensure that the load will not force the forklift to fall forward and rollover. Remind them never to leave the forklift unattended, as well.

Foresight is not something you are born with; it is something that you can learn. By telling your operators about the importance of thinking ahead, you are keeping the hazards of forklift operations at bay.

Why Those Who Save Early Save More


investmentAssuming the same hypothetical rate of 5% return, a 25 year old who invests $1,000 a year for 15 years is going to end up with twice as much compared to a 35 year old who invests $2,000 a year for 30 years – true or false?

Again, assuming no withdrawals or additional savings or crazy market turnaround happened, the younger person is likely to save more money than someone who starts saving later in life. The head start makes all the difference.

Benefits of Beginning Early

When you are in the peak of your career, say, around your fifties, and you want to begin a new venture or an investment fund, you will find the head start in planning your financial future impressively useful. Experienced attorneys, like those from CapitalFundLaw.com, who offer legal counsel can attest to this fact.

Compound interest is one of the many reasons it is ideal for a person to start saving early, ideally, during your twenties. By beginning early, you have decades ahead of you for your money to grow. By the time you feel you are ready to begin a venture or an investment fund, you will find the market easier to tread.

Plan By the Decade

It helps to be realistic during your twenties. Separate what you actually need to what you only sort of want. This way, you can free up some cash for your initial investments and be more concrete with your short-term, medium and long-term goals.

By your 30s, you will have to be more serious with your financial future. This is high time to pay off high-interest loans, taking care of the credit card debt during your 20s and diversifying and protecting your portfolio. When you reach your 40s, it would be smart to have a professional talk to you about numbers.

With an expert beside you, it should be easy to draw up a master plan. With 20 years of hardwork and savings behind you, and 20 more years of hardwork and savings ahead of you, it is time to scrutinize your plan and make sure it covers your future plans, priorities and the future of your loved ones.

Planning the Perfect Event Like a Pro


eventNo matter what the occasion is, planning for a large event can be quite nerve-wracking, particularly if it is your first time to do so. There are a lot of things to consider—food, venue and the number of guests, among other things. The key to having a successful event is to plan early and be attentive to details.

Be Organised

Before everything else, sit down and make a plan. What is the event for? Who are your guests? Have a clear idea of what your event is to make sure that you plan out all the things you would need on the big day.

Start Early and Create a Timeline

Now that you know what you’re planning for, list down everything you would need. Set goals and make a timeline for everything—invitations, booking vendors and registration system, among others. Large-scale events need to be planned at least five months in advance. Manolas Bros says this would give you ample time to contact vendors, such as venue people and catering services.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

While you might be tempted to throw a spectacular and totally off-the-scale event, be sure that it would still be within the set budget. Don’t go overboard and focus only on the key things that you would need for the big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate Tasks

For large-scale events, it is mandatory to have a team to help and support you. Even if you are a seasoned party host, planning a huge event like a fundraiser or a wedding is a different challenge. Organise a team and delegate tasks. Communicate with your team and make sure that everyone clearly understood what he or she needs to do.

Make One Last Check Before the Actual Event

Before the day itself, make a mental check of the event. Go through all the details to make sure that everything is ready. Three days or even a week before, schedule a walk-through of your event venue for a final check.

A Suspicious Will: The Issue of Undue Influence in Estate Planning


willTaking advantage of another person’s weaknesses is not just an ethical issue; the law frowns upon it. The matter of manipulation is a common subject in estate planning. Sometimes, people deceive relatives, especially those who are physically and emotionally vulnerable relatives (often, elders) and influence their estate planning decisions so they can get more of the inheritance.

More often, family members are not aware of the shady estate plan until after the maker of the will has died. Asset protection attorneys echo the sentiments of these families, advocating careful planning of wills and other similar documents. If you find yourself doubting your relatives’ will, though, raise your suspicions to court and find justice by knowing how to prove undue influence.

The Concept of Undue Influence

Undue influence happens when a person takes advantage of a position of power over another person. In the case of making a will, a person persuades another to the point of controlling what is written in the estate plan. As a result, the maker of the will is unable to act and think wisely; they in a way ruin their will as they choose things they would not have chosen if control did not come from another person.

Legal Steps to Prove Undue Influence

Family members who are wary of estate plans should bring a will contest to probate court. Establishing undue influence is challenging, which is why it is important to have an attorney guide you through the process. You and your attorney must be able to prove these things:

  1.  The will leaves the assets in a manner you would not expect; for example, close family members were not in the will that favored others.
  2. The will-maker trusted the influencer (you need to establish a confidential relationship)
  3. The condition of the will maker made them vulnerable to undue influence.
  4. The influencer manipulated the will maker to benefit from the estate plan.

The best way to avoid court battles over undue influence is informing family members about your estate plan. This way, there will not be any confusion or disappointment from your loved ones. Work with an asset protection attorney to avoid legal problems and ensure your estate will go where it should go.

Keeping It Cool At Work – Literally


WorkstationAs someone who works in the corporate sector, you probably take note of a lot of things – how the company is doing, whether or not you’re giving out good results, how close is the next deadline, you could go on and on. But these days, people working in companies also pay attention to employee morale. That means, your company should be treating you not just as a part of the workforce. You should also feel like a person – and an important one, at that. And this is to good effect; current trends in office productivity have shown that high employee morale has led to more productivity.

The Importance of Good Office Space

One way that many companies boost the morale of its employees is in improving the office space. Many companies have made sure that people are working in a comfortable environment. By doing this, they feel less stressed, which makes them all the more willing to do work and be productive. The simple formula is this: a good working environment means healthier employees; healthier employees mean happier employees; and happier employees are more productive employees.

Stay Cool at Work

Experts in commercial air conditioning Sydney businesses highly recommend say that one of the most basic things that could spell the difference in your office environment is the air that’s going around inside it. If the air is too hot or too cold, it can get too uncomfortable to work in. If the air isn’t filtered, allergies could spring up and cause many employees to call in sick. And if the building isn’t well-ventilated, the air can get very stuffy, which isn’t a very ideal way to be working. Not to mention that a poorly air-conditioned office space could damage equipment, computers, and some important documents – and you definitely don’t want that.

On the other hand, working in a cool, well-ventilated place can increase productivity. It lessens the possibility of getting dehydrated and of allergies. It also keeps both the people and the equipment in the office in good working condition. So, obviously, keeping your office building’s air conditioning well maintained isn’t something to be overlooked.

Parenting Done Right: A Guide to a Child-Friendly Home


ElectricityYes, kids can be funny, cute and amusing. They have the perfect combination of energy and curiosity, as they are in the stage of exploring and learning through experience and by observing the things around them.

As much as we can, we want them to enjoy and learn things themselves, but we can’t avoid accidents. Minor scrapes and bruises are ahead, inevitably, but the problem is the more serious injuries that may come yet.

Here are some tips so your kids get the freedom they want without the attendant risk:


From the day your child learns to crawl, new adventures and discoveries begin. The child can see everything as a toy. Unintentional falls are common accidents that, depending on severity, require treatment at an emergency room.

Activities such as climbing on furniture, unsupervised playing near a window and playing near the stairs are causes of these kinds of accidents. You can install window guards to prevent window falls. Safety gates are helpful and can be installed easily for a safer stairs. Mounting a TV on the walls can avoid tip- overs, too.


Eighty-five percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires. Fires spread so quickly that it can leave families homeless in just a couple of minutes. In 2008, 61,000 children died from fire or burn-related accidents worldwide. Smoke alarms can detect even the slightest smoke that comes from a source. It increases the chance of fire avoidance and it reduces the chance of dying in fire by fifty percent.

Teach the kids never play with fire-causing equipment such as matches and lighters, even certain electrical appliances. Store them in away in the hands of your child. Have a fire escape plan and teach the children to use the fire exit if you have one.

Which brings the topic to…


Children can be cute and entertaining, but an electrocuted child is not. Electrical accessories like safety caps on electric outlets can keep them from inserting anything on those outlets, engineeringsupplies.com.au suggests. If they ever fly kites, tell them not to play near the electrical posts that contain electrical wirings. Electrical cables must also be stapled at a high place or hidden from children as much as possible.


Children especially the younger ones consider everything as food and they tend to put everything they hold into their mouth. Secure household products like cleaning solutions, personal care products, pesticides and alcohol out of reach by children. Children often mistake medications and vitamins, so it is better to keep it inaccessible. Have contact information of a nearby hospital, too.

Home injuries can be highly avoidable through education and prevention. Parents can protect their children from harm by taking proactive steps to safety and follow practical rules for the home to be child friendly.

Book Like a Pro: Hotel Booking Mistakes to Learn and Avoid

short space hotel

short space hotelBooking a hotel sounds easy-peasy, right? You pick a destination, say St. George in Utah, choose your date, enter required details, and you’re off to your happy travel to some of the country’s best parks and landmark sites.

Hold up, feisty traveler.There are several hotel booking mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making.

Choosing the Wrong Hotel

 On top of this list is the major mistake of choosing the wrong hotel. Many have been misled by a hotel’s name or a location. Without checking reviews and comparing addresses, you will just be surprised to find out “located near the heart of downtown” means a two-hour drive.

St. George is a convenient gateway to many of Utah’s best sites. Looking up the hotel and comparing its distance to popular attractions is a good strategy. For example, StGeorgeClarionSuites.com is only about 43 miles from Zion National Park. Checking the hotel’s actual mailing address is also a good strategy.

Using Incorrect Dates

 Many are guilty of this travel sin. To illustrate, one flies June 17 and books a hotel starting that night, without considering whether the flight will make it that same day or if it could land early the next morning instead. If you book a nonrefundable room, you will surely regret this rookie error.

The fix to this mistake is having a precise flight itinerary on hand when booking. Double-checking the dates of your departure and arrival is also crucial, as well as considering time zones. When travelling overseas and crossing the International Date Line in transit, check-in dates could be different than you expect.

Requesting Too Much

 Requests are welcome, of course, because you are paying for an excellent time in the hotel. However, expecting all your requests to be granted is a major blunder. Not only will you get on the hotel staff’s bad side, it can also change the mood of the entire vacation.

Expect less and you won’t be as disappointed. The key in booking hotels is experience. Make mistakes, but only to learn from these blunders. To travel is to learn.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it

Role of a Break Fix Provider

Role of a Break Fix ProviderMany IT professionals are criticizing technical support companies that continue to offer break/fix services when managed service is more cost-effective. On the face of it, that seems a valid argument. But, the fact is that there are many small and medium business owners that would rather call in a break fix provider than retain a company for managed services.

TailWind Voice & Data shares more information below:

The Role of a Break Fix Provider

The break fix provider is a technician that you can call to fix whatever has gone wrong with your computer network or server. The break fix provider charges by the hour and will stay until the problem is fixed. In a very real sense, they are like plumbers. Both come when there is trouble, and they can set you back a sizable chunk of change.

The Advantage of Managed Services

Managed services, on the other hand, is a contract where the client pays a flat fee paid monthly in exchange for regular network maintenance and troubleshooting. There are different levels of managed services, depending on your needs. The important thing is that it is proactive. Proper maintenance of hardware will minimize breakdowns and downtime.

Needs Assessment

There are certain benefits to having a managed services contract for your company, but it will depend on your needs. Most small companies have very simple computer network setups. It is not unheard of for the IT department to consist of two computers and an aging laptop sharing a Wi-Fi connection. The point is it would not make a lot of sense for a company with simple IT needs to get managed services.

The higher cost of having the occasional breakdown can be easily justified, because it is a rare occurrence. It is different, of course, when a company relies heavily on a network of many computers and its server to do business. It all boils down to what you need.