3 Considerations for Window Graphics That Get Attention

Store windowsThey say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. For your business, however, your customers’ eyes look at your store windows to get a glimpse of your brand’s soul. You want them to like what they see.

When it comes to designing window displays and graphics, here’s what you should consider:

Colors and Natural Lighting

Window graphics can be in black and white if you want it to be dramatic or serious, but it can also be in a flash of colors if you want something more fun. This is usually the case, and your designer might use three or more colors for the graphics. Visibilitysign.com reminds that those colors should be tested in one area first to see how the light makes them look. You don’t want your graphics in Utah to look like an eyesore that forces people to look away instead of drawing them nearer.


Not everyone will be at a good distance to see the text or understand the logo on your window. Make sure that the design can be recognized at a distance, and check that the image will not be misinterpreted as something else. This might require a couple of tests, but don’t skip this process. Check that the spaces between words are prominent, especially if they may be mistaken for a different and offending word otherwise. The last thing you want is for the graphics to be a big regret you spent a lot of money on.


Understandably, your graphics may not be easy to notice from a couple of blocks, but from across the street, it should still be easy to see. This has something to do with the thickness of the lines used and the combination of colors. If you’re trying to send a message or advertising an important information, use concise but meaningful words. Be clear about the meaning.

Your window graphics can be a prominent advertising tool. Design it properly to reap the rewards.