4 Reasons You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Cleaning air duct with brushAmericans spend a reasonable amount of time indoors, and during this time they breathe in the air circulating through the vent system in the home. Over time, the cleanliness of the air ducts (or lack thereof) in the HVAC system affects the air quality in the house.

Here are some reasons you might want to get your air ducts cleaned today.

1. To Avoid Allergies from Pet Fur

The fur of your pets gets sucked into your home’s vents from time to time and gradually builds up. If you do not clean your air ducts, the circulating air in your home will contain pet fur. This can trigger allergies. Look for air duct cleaning services in Minnesota to clean your ducts and avoid potential allergies.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Currently, many people focus on outdoor air pollution, but indoor air quality should also be as critical of a factor as outdoor air quality given that Americans spend a good amount of their time indoors. Any dust in the HVAC will affect the air quality in your home. This calls for professional air duct cleaning.

Although conventional wisdom holds that you should clean your air ducts every five to seven years, it depends on your lifestyle. If you have pets or if your house has many people living in it, you should clean them sooner as dust accumulates much faster.

3. To Remove Mold in the Air Ducts

Air ducts that have been dirty for a while might accumulate mold, putting the occupants at risk. Damp conditions can lead to respiratory tract problems. You should get the ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the health risks.

Air quality has an impact on your health, and when the air conditioning system accumulates dust and debris, it might negatively impact your respiratory health. Clean your air ducts regularly to protect the air quality and your health.