A Closer Look at the Subtle Signs of Aging

Unhappy womanLines and creases deepen gradually over time, but it is easy to miss them. But the trained eyes of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons know where to look. However, there are some signs of aging that we cannot miss. 

1. Dull and dry skin

As people age, collagen production slows down which results in dull and saggy skin. However, you can change your diet to make sure that your skin remains relatively healthier and smoother. Make sure to sleep at least eight hours a day and use moisturizers to lessen the effects of dryness.

In Beverly Hills, facial plastic surgery centers also offer cosmetic procedures that induce the body to generate more collagen. You can get Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, a variety of laser procedures, facials, and chemical peels. You will see a great difference in your overall complexion in three or four weeks. 

2. Thinning and graying hair

Hair is made of protein strands. These strands fall off when they have been severely damaged. As you age, your follicles will no longer produce enough hair to make up for what is shed. Melanin production also decreases resulting in graying. 

According to the North American Hair Research Society, women may experience hair loss at 50. Taking better care of it though can help slow down the process. Slathering your strands in olive oil, which helps retain moisture, can give your locks a younger and lusher look after you shower. Slowing androgen production and stimulating regrowth through drugs like minoxidil and spironolactone and laser treatment have also been known to produce great results.

3. Deep facial creases

Creases occur in areas where the facial muscles are constantly used: brow lines and laugh lines are common. As we age, these creases deepen. A popular treatment many people use is the injection of dermal fillers. This treatment is quick, painless, and non-invasive. Dermal fillers can fill hollows around the eyes, creases, and even depressed scars as a result of trauma or chicken pox. 
The years will eventually take their toll on anyone, but taking better care of your skin and hair can keep you fresh-faced for a longer time.