Can a Proxy Server Protect Your Privacy?

Silhouette of a woman typing on her computerMany Internet users today are scrambling for tools that can protect their privacy. You may be looking for one yourself.

Internet users have turned to proxy servers and Internet tunnel service – which you can get from firms such as Private Tunnel – for privacy and security, but between the two, which offers the most protection?

Hide Your True IP Location

A proxy server allows you to access a server at a different location than yours and then access the Internet. In this way, you hide your true IP address behind the proxy server’s IP address. You can even access geo-restricted content depending on where your proxy server is.

No Encryption

A proxy server has weaknesses, however. Since your Internet data is unencrypted, anyone can intercept the data transfer between your device and the proxy server and see or use the data. For example, you can use a proxy server while connecting to a public Wi-Fi.

Anyone on the same public Wi-Fi can still hack you and see the data you send through the Internet connection.

VPNs Offer More Protection

An Internet tunnel service, or a virtual private network, can solve this weakness. A virtual private network works much like a proxy server. You can mask your true IP address with the IP address of a different server. You can access geo-restricted content. Also, you can encrypt your Internet data.

Total Encryption

All the traffic that passes between your device and the Internet, even if you are using a public Wi-Fi, will be highly encrypted. Hackers, thieves, and other prying eyes will have difficulty seeing into your Internet usage and accessing sensitive data.

You will have optimum protection compared to the dismal security proxy servers provide.

Find a VPN

You can find a virtual private network to protect your privacy online. You will find paid and free services out there; the paid ones obviously have more features and more security than the free VPNs. Among the paid VPNs, you still have to choose which service you like best or will work best for you.

You can secure your Internet privacy with a virtual private network than with a proxy server.