Millennials posing for a jump shot

There’s a misconception that millennials are a lazy bunch. In truth, they work hard at offices that they’ve been labeled ‘work martyrs’. Also, one in six millennials have $100,000 in their bank accounts. Other millennials work hard in their backyards, gardening. According to the latest National Gardening Survey, the gardening…

photo of a child crawling to a swimming pool without fence

Parents often think they know what drowning looks like: arms flailing, voice screaming, and lots of water splashing. It’s what movies and television shows have been portraying. The truth is this isn’t the accurate picture of what drowning is. Drowning is a silent struggle. That’s why you need to increase…

Interviewer shaking a candidate's hand

Many people have a hard time growing their careers or getting a fulfilling job because they fail to understand the needs of the market. Only by proving to employers that you have what it takes can you improve your chances. Because of emerging technologies, the modern workplace is becoming competitive….