Chiggers: Signs That Your Home is Infested

a pest control workerChiggers mostly inhabit moist areas around the lakes, in grassy fields, forests, gardens, and parks. They, however, may be found anywhere. In a home, the yard and lawn are prime areas while the bed and mattresses are most favorable areas within the house. Due to their small nature, they are hard to identify and eliminate. As such, you will need professional pest control in West Valley to get rid of them efficiently. How, though, do you tell that your home has a chigger invasion? Below are the tell-tale signs to look out for.

Skin rash

The first indication that your home has chiggers is a reaction on your skin. Once you encounter them, they will attach to its surface and deposit digestive enzymes that trigger an inflammatory response. A chiggers’ rash, which manifests as red itchy bumps appearing within three hours after chiggers burrow into the skin, forms after the inflammation. With time, the symptoms tend to increase in intensity and may continue even after the mites fall off.

Bites on dogs and cats

Where the chiggers are in the lawn or yard, your pets are likely to get a firsthand experience of their effects when they venture outdoors. This is more so if your dog or cat explores any grassy area in the spring or fall. Chiggers in dogs mostly affect the head, abdomen, and legs. Animals react differently to chigger bites, and while some dogs may itch, there may be no symptoms in others. A visual inspection of the vulnerable parts will reveal their characteristic red color, especially where an infestation is severe.

In most cases, chiggers live in the same location for years. Walking through an infested area is likely to cause discomfort for both humans and pets for a while. To eliminate these pesky pests from your environment in the long term, seek professional pest control services.