Children’s Fear of Dentists: Causes and What to Do About It

Kid at a dentistGood dental health and habits start at home. Aside from the daily dental care habits that parents teach to their children, it is also important to make their kids understand the need for regular oral checkups.

It is difficult for parents to introduce the idea of regularly going to the dentist to their children. Don’t trick your children into going to a dental clinic. This will cause them to develop trust issues. Parents should know other mistakes that they should avoid to prevent their kids from developing a fear of the dentists. As the saying goes, practice prevention before considering cure and treatment.

Some circumstances cause kids to develop the fear of dentists. An expert children’s dentist in Bountiful explains why.

We don’t orient children that sharp instruments are safe to check their teeth and mouth. Sharp objects most often mean pain for children. Thus, we need to teach them about what dentists are. Do this a week or a month before their appointment. Make the dental checkup a happy experience for them.

Sometimes, parents do not consider the type of dental clinic to take their children to. In some cases, they would just bring their children to a general dentist clinic. Remember, children when possible, must go to a pediatric dentist clinic. Pediatric dentists are specialists who have studied kids’ specific needs when it comes to oral treatments. They are the best equipped to deal with their fears and behaviors.

Parents just allow dentists to do the job. What they did not know is that their children’s oral checkup and treatment require a lot of efforts from them, too. Bring the kids’ favorite toys. Never leave their side, and be their source of support and strength.

Always remember that parents can ease kids’ fear of dentists. There are many cases when children aged 13 or teenagers aged 16 are still afraid of dentists. As a parent, you would not want your children to have difficulties in having their oral treatments.