Community Planning: Making Streets Safer for Everyone

A modern city streetThe streets will always be a familiar scene. It may be the route that you take to work. It may be the place where your kids play. With this sense of familiarity, it becomes easy to assume that the street is safe and friendly. Well, almost.

There will always be factors that will make the streets quite dangerous. And as a community planner, it is your task to make the streets safer for everyone. There are some basic things that you need to put in place to promote a culture of safety.

Here are some of the things to get you started.

They saw the sign

The first step to safety is by making sure that the pedestrians can easily see what they need to do whenever they cross the streets or walk down the pavement. As such, it is essential that you put up signs, especially near schools, churches, hospitals, and establishments that have a high saturation of people.

No more (pot) holes

Make the streets safer for motorists as well. What you can give them is a well-paved road so do away with potholes, cracks, and damaged parts. While the community planning team is at it, the concrete kerbs should also be fixed; these should even have proper drainage systems. This will be extremely useful during rainy seasons.

Educate the kids

If there is someone who is susceptible to accidents and road-related dilemmas, it would be the kids. As such, it would be nice and practical to teach kids about road safety. You can have school tours where you will teach students, especially preschoolers and grade school students, about crossing the streets and the like.

These are only some of the things that you can do as a community planner to make the streets safer for everyone. To make your projects work, it is vital that you gain the insight of the stakeholders through interviews and surveys.