Here’s How A Cartoning Machine May Be the Answer to Your Packing Problems

Employees fixing cartonsMost business owners think twice about buying a cartoning machine in the belief that it’s an unnecessary expense. You’ll find however that even for small businesses, such as the ready-meal industry, for instance, this small addition lends a huge help to operations and ensures your ability to comply with product packaging standards and trends.

Savings on Packaging Material

An automatic cartoning machine or a wrap around case packer is wonderfully precise so that you’ll only use the raw material actually needed to package a specific item. This limits the amount of waste you must worry about afterwards. In most cases, the surplus raw material is thrown away and can cost a significant amount of money when factored in the overall scheme of things. Also, note that an automated machine can be adjusted to meet different requirements. Hence, even with several products in your lineup, a single machine can usually take care of them all.

Speed Up the Procedure

Of course, let’s not forget how a cartoning machine can speed up things in the operations department. This is perfect for businesses with a mind towards steady growth. With the cartoning machine, you can happily keep up with the rising orders without batting an eyelid.

Perfect Branding Medium

Perhaps the best thing about automatic cartoning is that it creates clean and flawlessly packaged products. This helps foster a positive impression on the market. Good packaging paves the way for brand recall and recognition in the bigger market.

Pays for Itself in Savings

With the machine, your employees can focus on other profit-rearing tasks. Over time, the machine will pay for itself through the improvements you’ve made in the system.

Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind that a cartoning machine is only as good as its users. Make a point to train your people to use the machine properly. Also, study your packaging process to determine how to best streamlines your operations and to optimise your warehouse or production floor, with the inclusion of your new cartoning machine.