How Can You Tell If You Have Mold Infestation at Home?

Mold buildup in corner wallYour home should be that one place in the world where you feel safe and comfortable. But when you have unwelcome “guests,” like mold, staying at home can be more than uncomfortable. It can also mean risking your safety.

High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services reveals that mold infestation can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Professional mold removal can prevent its rapid growth and mitigate the damage that the fungus can do.

How can you tell if you have an infestation? Look for the following signs:

1. Mold odor

A musty smell is often one of the most common signs that there is mold growth in your home. You might not see it or feel it, but the fact that your nose smells something gives it away. Call professional services immediately when you do.

2. Allergic reaction

Toxic mold can affect healthy people and further endanger the health of those who have asthma and various allergies. Because molds are barely visible to the eyes, it might take some time before you determine it as the potential cause of your allergic reaction. Always be mindful of your surroundings, even your home.

3. Visual mold growth

A stain, or a trail that indicates that there is mold in your home, regardless of how small it might be, is a prominent sign. Seek help immediately.

4. Moisture source

Molds grow in damp places where air circulation is lacking. If your attic, basement, or a room in your home has spots where moisture is mostly situated, know that it can be a source of mold growth.

Mold growths might not harm you and your family’s health until it is too late. It pays to always be vigilant and observant even in your home.