Investing in the future with straighter teeth

Woman with perfect teethCrooked teeth are a source of concern for many people who may worry about their appearance, experience pain or have difficulties with eating or speaking. The best time to have treatment is during childhood when there is a mixture of permanent and baby teeth. However, even adults can still have work to straighten their teeth in Weybridge. Orthodontics is a specific branch of dental work that focuses on how the teeth, jaws, and face develop. Having orthodontics in Weybridgeaddresses a range of dental problems including misaligned bites, crooked and poorly spaced teeth. This means that patients can improve the function and appearance of their teeth. Using orthodontics in Weybridge ensures that teeth work together properly, are stable and look good.

Contemporary techniques for modern lifestyles

For patients in Weybridge, orthodontics need to fit in with their way of life. People nowadays are conscious of their image as well as short on time, so many request a treatment that gives them results very quickly. If the front teeth are causing the problem, dentists such as Weybridge Orthodontics can offer a programme of treatment that targets them and is faster than a more comprehensive approach. If discretion is key, then some of the clear braces such as the Invisalign system may be appropriate. Some people mistakenly think that the correct spelling is Invisaline, but what they are really looking for is Invisalign. These clear plastic aligners are almost invisible and can be removed, so they fit easily into every lifestyle.

What are the advantages of having orthodontics in Weybridge?

If there are excessive gaps then other teeth can drift out of place. Wonky teeth are also harder to clean. Treatment to straighten teeth minimises these problems and also makes smiles more beautiful. It sounds too good to be true, but a new smile can be a reality in as little as half a year. In more complex cases, treatment time will be longer, but a dentist can usually give a good indication of timescale during an initial consultation. Investing in orthodontics in Weybridgeensures good oral health as well as a smile to be proud of.