Kitchen Remodels: Areas to Focus On

Modern style kitchenThe kitchen is arguably the heart of every home. It not only brings the family together but also inspires every cook to whip up gourmet meals. If your current kitchen feels out-of-date in style, efficiency, and technology, it is time to think of a remodel.

A kitchen remodel in Utah you can get from firms such as Accent Interiors gives you the chance to upgrade on your appliances and maximize your kitchen space and workflow. It also gives you the opportunity to get more durable materials and transform your kitchen décor.

Here are some of the essential areas you should focus on when remodeling your kitchen.


Most homeowners overlook kitchen storage in their remodels. Decide on your kitchen cabinets and pantry and utensil storage. You can opt for a face frame or frameless construction for your kitchen cabinets.

A frameless construction is ideal for modern kitchens while a face frame construction works for a conventional look. Your budget and construction choice will determine the materials and designs for your cabinet and pantry shelf construction.


The material for your countertop should be scratch proof, heat-resistant, and uncomplicated to clean since this is your kitchen’s workhorse. Stone and laminate are both durable materials, but stone might be a bit costly. Ensure you get an ideal size and location for your countertop to maximize your working area.


You can opt for hardwoods or bamboo to give your kitchen a warm look. If hardwoods are out of your budget range, ceramic tile and vinyl floors are good alternatives. Marble floors are prone to sticky stains and very porous hence unsuitable for kitchens.

Stone floors though beautiful are not suitable for cold areas.

When deciding on kitchen lighting, think of both task and general lighting. You can opt for pendant lights on your walls and recessed lights on the ceiling for general lighting. Under cabinet lighting is the ideal choice for task lighting.