Making an Impact With Your Gift Hamper

Stack Of Gift BoxesThe gifting industry hardly seems to experience a decline, according to available statistics. The estimated value of the sector in the United States alone is $200 billion.

As a subset of this industry, the gift hamper market is reputed to have recorded steady growth rate of five percent according to 2014 data. This increase translates to an estimated value of $3 billion for this market alone, representing just about two percent of the gifting industry value.

While more than seventy percent of gift hamper sales have come from the pre-designed versions, retailers also see an increasing demand for customisation.

A fast-evolving industry

Thus, retailers and hamper design specialists are fast evolving their business model to include options hitherto unavailable such as the opportunity of swapping out some items. This option to include preferred items encourages buyers to purchase custom present or gift hampers.

Obviously, occasions abound for giving out gift baskets, but there are two broad categories: the usual and the unusual. The former includes the Big Three: Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day, which makes up the lion’s share of industry revenue.

The latter includes the lesser known and even made-up occasions sometimes just to spice up someone else’s day. Here are three events in the second category.

Housewarming. This may be off the beaten path, but nothing prevents anyone from sending a family friend or new-in-the-neighbourhood neighbour one of those specially packaged custom gift hampers. Aside from being a pleasant surprise, it also helps break the ice and smoothen the bonding process.

Apologies. Perhaps this is even further off the beaten path, but when there is a tiff between friends, siblings, couples or even colleagues, a gift basket customised to match the recipient’s tastes does a world of good in easing tension and fostering “re-acceptance.”

Baby Welcome. Newborn babies are just as important an occasion as any to give gift baskets. You can customise them to match the proud father’s sports team. Baby may not appreciate it, but the parents will.

Custom gift hampers are obviously here to stay. You can leave a lasting impression, and it has become easier. Simply ensure an opportune combination of the occasion and gift basket.