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For Home Financing: The Difference between Conventional Mortgages and FHA Loans


House“Should you go for conventional or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans?” is a common question of most homebuyers. Both have benefits that can work towards your favor, depending on your requirements.

When it comes to home financing, the loan professionals of DirectMortgageLoans.com suggest thorough deliberation of different financial options. The most recommended ones are FHA and conventional mortgages. All consideration done, you can have an easy mortgage application and home purchase.

FHA Loans

FHA loans are ideal for first-time homebuyers, as these require less paperwork for purchasing or refinancing a home loan. The major benefit of an FHA loan is it requires a lower down payment and accepts lower credit scores.

FHA loans are popular because of subprime lending during the mortgage crisis. Some experts even say this is the new subprime because of its convenient requirements for homebuyers.

This type of loan allows a 10% down payment and credit scores of 500-579, which are perfect for low- to moderate-income borrowers. Another good thing about an FHA loan is its higher loan limit — the maximum for this loan is $729,750.

Conventional Mortgages

Conventional mortgages exist for reasons the FHA loan cannot compensate. For non-conforming loans, they do not have a loan limit. Conventional mortgages allow second home or investment buyers, which the FHA does not. For buyers who need a big loan, this is one way to get financing.

Both FHA loans and conventional loans can help you with your financing needs, depending on your specific requirements. Both can offer competitive closing costs and mortgage rates.

The best way to decide between the two financing options is to talk to your loan officer and determine what option you qualify. Making an informed decision based on your loan needs is the key in choosing between conventional and FHA loans.

Coming Out of the Cocoon: Tips For Aspiring Social Butterflies

social connection using your phone

social connection using your phoneWhile it may be true that you can do whatever you like, why sulk in the corner when you can go out and have fun? Getting to know new people, going to new places in town isn’t just fun, it may also help your career by expanding your network.

Just being by your lonesome all the time contributes to having high levels of stress. Having fun from time to time and stepping out of your comfort zone is an essential part of life. Here are some tips for aspiring social butterflies:

Invest in Establishing Social Connections

Approaching someone unfamiliar can be terrifying and a little bit awkward at first. They don’t really teach how to approach people at school, so you have to do it your own way.

Try different styles and do not be afraid to fail. Approach people without anxiety and have the right mindset. Introduce yourself properly and try to find out their interests by asking the right questions and letting them speak. If you make a good impression, they might invite you to other events and social gatherings.

Use Technology

Nowadays, technology is just everywhere. Event-related applications are available and these have software for ticketing, event organization, and others. These can help you out, especially if you are planning an event and need to spread the word about it.

Be Active on Social Media

If scrolling through social media feeds is one of hobbies, why not be an active participant as well? Subscribe or like the social media pages of the bands, brands and all the stuff you like. You may get invites to their events and meet like-minded people. Being active online is also a great way of promoting yourself.

Being more social is a great way of knowing more people. You will be sure to expand your contacts, advance your career, and meet interesting people that may just be your new friends.

Getting What You Pay For Vs. More than What You Pay For

Buying Car

Buying CarAs a consumer, it is natural for you to get what you pay for. When you eat in an overly expensive restaurant, for instance, you want the service to be classy, the food exquisite, and the ambiance perfect. You want every detail of your experience to be as costly as its price tag.

The same with cars; the higher your monthly payment is for your auto loan in Ogden, the more you expect it to be high-performing and glamorous.

A Real Consumer Wants More Than That

But do you know that a real consumer wants more than that? An erudite, enlightened consumer is the one who aspires to get more than what they pay for. Is it fair? With businesses wanting to rake the most profit possible out of each of their products, getting only what you’ve paid for would be an understatement for the consumer.

Wasatchpeaks.com describes the two most common types of consumer: the nonchalant and the eloquent buyer.

The Nonchalant Buyer

The question now is this: how can you make it possible? When buying a second hand car, for instance, a first-time, non-eloquent buyer would look for a price tag that’s within the comfort of his budget. For him, as long as he can afford the monthly car payment, he’s in for a good deal. If he finds that the used car he bought was not as perfect as he expected it to be, he will just blame everything on his meager monthly payment, on his tight budget, on how well deserving he is for a product that is less than what he expects.

The Eloquent Buyer

The more eloquent, experienced buyer takes a different view. He puts everything into perspective – a perspective that sides with no other than him. He will look for a second-hand car, see if it fits his budget, and then haggle. For him, he deserves nothing less; and because the car is a used one, with some small imperfections here and there, haggling for a good price means living with the flaws.

In the end, who do you think is the more satisfied? This is why getting a loan from a reputable institution is of paramount importance.

Your House’s Driveway: Should it be Made of Chipseal or Asphalt?

House Driveway

House DrivewayMany people often overlook what kind of driveway the house should have. After all, it’s just a road right? Aside from contributing to the overall look of your home, choosing the right kind of driveway for your car is important for your own convenience.

While bare earth is something that you can probably live with, if you’re not bothered with you or your car treading on loamy or rocky soil, driveways are often made of either chipseal or asphalt. BOPAsphalt.co.nz says you need to know the main differences between the before deciding on either one.

Rocky Pavement

Chipseal is actually made with asphalt, and the only difference between the two is that this kind of pavement surface has a layer of aggregate on top of it. This is usually composed of gravel, but small rocks are also often used, especially if it’s going to be used as pavement for a house’s driveway. Among the immediate benefits of using chipseal is that it is relatively less expensive compared to ‘pure’ asphalt and the rough surface acts as a natural speed reducer. It’s also more pleasing to look at than asphalt, and you can even ‘customise’ the aggregate to fit the design and colour of your home.

There is a small risk when using chipseal, though. The aggregate can actually get loose, which means that is possible for a piece of gravel or rock to get kicked up in the air and chip your car’s windows. Fortunately, this only occurs if you’re driving really fast out of the driveway, which happens rarely and is something you shouldn’t do anyways.

Smooth Surface

Compared to chipseal, pure asphalt pavements are a lot smoother and this is due to the aggregates being blended together with a mixture; the most common being bitumen. The final material is also more versatile, and it isn’t just driveways that you can pave with asphalt. It can be used as flooring for greenhouses, tennis courts or bicycle tracks.

Because of the more complex binding process, asphalt is a lot pricier compared to chipseal pavement. This, however, is offset by the fact that it typically lasts longer and the risk of aggregates coming loose is virtually none. If you’re looking for a smooth black finish for your driveway, then asphalt is the better choice.

The choice between the two pavement types really depends on which complements your house better. It’s still worth taking note of these subtle differences though, especially if it’s more than just aesthetics that you are considering for the perfect driveway.

First Month on the Job? Avoid These Things!

First Month on the Job

First Month on the JobNew jobs are stressful. You have to learn how the company works and adapt to uncharted territory, while on the other hand, you have to make a good impression on your new coworkers and your higher-ups. It can be tough, balancing the curiosity to learn and wanting to be a likeable colleague. Printcom shares the following ideas below to make things a lot easier.

Being Late

Being prompt is the best first impression you can make on your boss and your work colleagues. Tardiness never goes well in any work situation. It is always best to wake up a little bit earlier than you’re used to. Prepare for the unforeseen, like bad morning traffic or difficulty parking your car.

Updating the Internet About Your New Job

Many people are guilty of oversharing on social media. When you are at the beginning of your relationship with a new employer, it is best to steer clear of actions that, although you might not intend to, can be misunderstood and lead to negative results. Don’t post anything about your job, as you are not familiar yet with the culture in your new workplace and how your colleagues and bosses feel about social media.

Being Shy and Refusing to Ask Questions

Show your coworkers why you got hired without being a boastful colleague. Show them your competence and humility in small and big things. You don’t know how the Fuji Xerox printer works? Ask! You think it needs repair service? Tell the custodian. You saw an edit overlooked? Send an email to the one in-charge. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion and you also need to believe that you are deserving of this job. A good way to show confidence is to invite your work colleagues to lunch. By doing this, they know you are good with them and they can be good with you.

All the things you do on your first month on the job is placed under magnifying lenses. In your journey through this transition, try to avoid these three things that can spell disaster for you, and it will be a smooth ride.

Before You Clean that Up: Know the Stains and Fabrics

Fabric Stains

Fabric StainsDirty carpets not only look bad, they are also loaded with dirt, grime, and germs. But before you grab your gloves and bleach to clean up the coffee stain, you may want to take a step back and know what you are dealing with.

Unless you want to permanently stain that carpet or sofa, there are a number of things you need to know about fabrics and how they react to different cleaners. Tauranga-based carpet cleaning company Superior Steam & Dry explains this is why cleaning specialists deal with certain stains in different ways, because each one has unique requirements for removal.

Landing in Hot Water

Hot water is something you should never put on a spill. In fact, apart from club soda, experts recommend not putting anything on a spill. While vinegar solutions and other natural cleaners can do the job for small stains for certain fabrics, do not take any chances with your favourite—and expensive—sofa or carpet.

Fabrics and Acids

Coffee, tea, juice, wine, pet urine, and most other stains and spills are acidic. This means these liquids can seep deep into the cotton, synthetic, and other natural fibres. Even with protective finishes, very few fibres can resist staining, as the finishes essentially give you a few extra seconds to clean up the spill before it sets.

Nylon is the worst fibre for spill, yet it is one of the most commonly bought carpets in the market. A chemical is added to the fibre for it to better hold acid dyes. This is good for making brighter carpets, but bad if you are clumsy with food and drinks.

The best solution for acid-based carpet stains and spills is club soda. Just pour it over and let it sit. From there, you’re best off calling in professional cleaners to finish the job.

Back to ‘Basics’

For the non-acidic stains, the most difficult to remove are ink and nail polish. There’s really not much you can do with this, except to maybe contain the stain by blotting it with a dry tissue or rag to absorb as much of the spill as possible. Do not rub it in, though. Then, call in the pros for a special cleaning designed for oil, paint, grease and the like.

Knowing the enemy is half the battle. When it comes to carpet cleaning, knowing what stain you’re up against provides you with the right strategy to cleaning it up.

Live Life Without Regrets: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Body Pain

Don't Ignore Body Pain

Don't Ignore Body PainYou no longer remember the last time you took a vacation leave; you often eat your lunch at your desk; and you find it difficult to get up in the morning. What a busy life you have, indeed. If your job is so demanding you can’t visit your doctor regularly, it can be easy to always shrug off that neck or elbow pain.

Let’s face it, most of us just ignore the discomfort and wait for it to pass. But paying no attention to it can mean overlooking an illness or disease. After all, pains are our body’s way of alarming us that something isn’t right.

Read on to know the body pains you shouldn’t ignore, as they might indicate severe health conditions.

Back Pain

If the sudden discomfort is at the lower part of your back, it might be arthritis. But when the pain lingers longer than usual, one of your discs might be pressing on the spinal nerve. Do not wait for your back problems to get worse.

As Chronic Conditions Chiropractic explains, “Severe back or leg pain can cause a bad attitude or perspective, which is very self-destructive for you and your life. This alone can be a serious problem. Not because it’s in your head. But because a bad attitude might keep you from learning about relatively new and little known advancements in back pain treatment. Or make you start to disengage from life and inactivity will generally make chronic back problems worse.”

Pain and Discomfort in Shoulders

You have just lifted a box and suddenly felt a sharp pain on your shoulders. Don’t ignore what you feel, especially if you have been experiencing the discomfort for a few months now. Shoulder pain often masks some signs of severe health issues, like Adhesive capsulitis.

A Throbbing Knee

Your knee problem can turn your world upside down. When left neglected, your risk of developing permanent nerve damage is high. Having bone-on-bone arthritis means you have to undergo surgery.

Though you can treat most body aches just by opening your bathroom’s medicine cabinet, it is always better to have certain symptoms checked out. Watch out for the warning signs that requires you to visit a doctor or a chiropractor.

Upping the Smart Casual Game: Rocking Your Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeves

Short SleevesMany traditionalists like to think that short-sleeved shirts make a mockery of those with long sleeves. For them, it is better to wear basic collared shirt or roll up long sleeves if you plan to go for a smart casual look. While you may not understand where these sentiments are coming from, it all boils down to one thing: fashion is subjective.

Take advantage of this fact. Wear a short-sleeved shirt if you think it is good enough, and if it suits you. Remember, though, that you have to take style into consideration.

5 Pointz says that short-sleeved shirts are the ideal pieces to up your smart casual ensemble. Here are some tips for doing it right.

Mind the Fit

Just like other rules of dressing up, the right fit will give you a good look. This is because it flatters your body and highlights your best features. The shoulder seam should meet the corner of your shoulder bones. When you close the collar, two fingers should fit inside; otherwise, it may be too fit or too loose. The sleeve should not be too short or too long. The right length should reach the middle of your biceps.

Choose the Right Fabric

The choice of fabric depends on the weather. Fleece works best on chilly days. Linen and broadcloth are ideal for sunny seasons. Oxford, on the other hand, is flexible; you can wear it regardless of the season. The shirt fabrics should complement the material used for your shorts or trousers. Linen and broadcloth shirts look good when partnered with denims, but they can still work well with chinos. Fleece and Oxford go well with chinos.

Play with Prints and Patterns

Colour blocks are nice, but a little fun and adventure will not harm. Prints and patterns will make your look more interesting. For smart casual in the office, stripes will be applicable. Gingham is a nice choice, too. For street-style, you can always count on plaid and floral prints.

The smart casual look is can be tricky when dressing up. It is the middle ground, so see to it that your pieces are neither too dressy nor too relaxed.

Fact: The Right Used Parts are a Safe and Affordable Alternative

Used Parts

Used PartsThere will come a time when your car will eventually break down and need repairs or replacement parts. Postponement of a repair or much needed replacement increases the possibility of an accident that may causes severe injuries or worse.

By the Numbers: Car Accidents

According to the NZ Transport Agency, 2013 statistics showed the following:

  1. 239 fatal road accidents
  2. 9,109 injuries caused by crashes
  3. 254 deaths

These are just numbers, but they begin to have a human face when they happen to you or somebody you know.

These accidents are avoidable, especially if people simply followed road rules or if their cars were in good condition. Substance-induced driving and poor road conditions contribute to accidents, but a vehicle that has broken or damaged brakes increase the risk, even if the driver is sober.

Stay Safe while Driving

Following driving safety tips are not enough to prevent accidents; you must be aware of the condition of your vehicle. Broken brakes or loose parts lead to fatal accidents. You not only put yourself at risk, but also your passenger, passers-by and other drivers.

BelairMitsi.co.nz agrees that if you start hearing strange noises coming from your engine or if the brakes take a while to respond, then it is time to replace them. New parts are expensive and may not fit your model and manufacture date, though.

If you have an old car, you will have a difficult time looking for spare parts for your vehicle. There are wreckers and auto shops that may have the part for the model and make that you are looking for.

Used car parts still work just as well as new ones, as long as they are in good condition when a wrecker sells them to you. They are budget-friendly alternatives for cash-strapped individuals. The parts on offer go through stringent quality control to make sure you get what you need.

Advertising with Cars: Vehicle Wraps to Market Your Business

Advertise Your Business With Vehicle Wraps

Advertise Your Business With Vehicle WrapsYou may have noticed it while commuting or driving along the highway — fleet cars with colorful, attractive graphics. The advertisement posted on the vehicle catches your attention and invades your short-term memory.

Wow! A fast moving vehicle just created a strong impression. Then, traffic builds up and you see the details of the car wrap — sending the message straight to your brain. You have just seen the power of good vehicle wrap advertising.

Your business can benefit from this as well.

Wrap Installation Cost/Return of Investment

The amount you need to pay for a single vehicle wrap could be around $1,500 to $3,000 depending on the coverage size as well as the type of vehicle. The service fee includes installation and materials.

It’s alright to spend money if it’s a profitable investment. Start getting calls from customers by having a specified number or your website URL written on the vehicle wrap. Then, relax and stand by for an outpour of returns—sooner than later.

Value-added Features
  • Protect rented cars with wraps to maintain its paintwork for the duration of your lease or until your promotion is over. Graphix Unlimited applies the vinyl graphic or decal design on the car’s OEM paint, which can last for years.
  • Wrapping time does not have to take too long, so you do not lose much in terms of income. You get your vehicle back on the road to do its job for your business.
  • You have the option to choose any color that identifies the commercial branding of your products and/or services. For personal purposes, go with a unique design.
  • Wraps can be easily removed and you can have the car wrapped with a new one whenever you want. This is not as expensive as having it repainted everytime. It may not be a business move for him, but did you know that singer Austin Mahone has had his car wrapped thrice after purchase?

There you have it. Choose a nice wrap to cover your vehicle and enjoy a mileage of business growth.