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Passing Down the Most Important Thing on Your Retirement


There are so many articles on the Internet about how unexpected the inactivity is for seniors who run into it upon their retirement, it’s a miracle anyone still even thinks it’s a surprise. There are more list type articles about what people can do in their 60s onward, but they’re all about the same things.

elderIt’s safe to say that there will be some people who won’t like the options laid out, and will try looking for something more. If that line sounded familiar, then you’re in luck, because there is something important enough to dedicate your life to.

Most people will make recommendations about joining sports, volunteering for non-profit organizations, or connecting with a community like the ones at These are all good activities, but after years of working for yourself why not put all the experience and knowledge of those years to good use and be a mentor?

It sounds like such an obvious thing for people to do once they retire, but almost no one does it. There are few things in the world more exhilarating than imparting knowledge. This is because it simultaneously makes you feel you have quantifiable worth, and makes you an important part of someone else’s development as a person.

How many geniuses realized their potential because someone told them the right thing at the right time? All of them, that’s how many; and it’s easier than most people think. But, it’s not a step-by-step process where people pick a kid, drop wisdom nuggets, and watch their lives get better. Mentoring someone needs to happen organically, and it only happens through years of interaction and positive experience.

The idea is to be like a second parent to the person, which is easier than being an actual parent with all the rewards attached to the job.

Pack So Much More into Your Storage Boxes

storage box

Let’s face it: packing your stuff for a big move (say, from Perth to Brisbane) isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world. In fact, the mere idea of putting years’ worth of stuff into a bunch of storage boxes makes the job seem so gargantuan that you might just lose interest in completing it altogether.

storage boxHowever, getting organised is actually much simpler than you think. With the right supplies, an adequate number of boxes and the knowledge of how to effectively maximise your storage space, you’ll certainly be able to fill your boxes faster than you can say “moving truck.” Here’s a quick list of tips:

Store-All WA shares some effective tips to maximise your time and storage space:

● As you start packing, you’ll inevitably uncover some stuff you haven’t seen in a long time, which may bring back a lot of memories. But, do your reminiscing later — instead of spending your time looking at your things, just keep packing.

● Start packing up stuff in rooms you rarely visit, or things you hardly use.

● Set up packing zones in every room. Each zone should have a giveaway pile, a packing area, sufficient space for walking between zones and, of course, boxes.

● Make sure to invest in sturdy moving boxes (preferably two-ply) that won’t break or crumble under the slightest pressure.

● Box sizes matter! Smaller boxes should be used for heavy loads, with the heaviest items at the bottom.

● Make sure to completely fill the box and eliminate any gaps between the items; otherwise, they might get crushed or dented when they get tossed around. Use packing chips to fill in the gaps, and a top layer of packing material to protect your things when you open your box with a knife after moving.

● Use a labelling system for your boxes, as well as your cords and electronics. Also, make markers on the box (the top and sides) to indicate which side is up.

Just follow these tips; you’ll be thankful you did when you successfully bring all of your stuff to your new house.

What Makes CMMS a Winner for Fleet Management


CMMSYour truck company is growing. You started with five, now you have a fleet of 15. After a couple of years of hard work, you finally own the local market—and soon, the entire state. You plan to expand, but do you have the right resources to manage it?

Fleet management is a daunting task. Paper documents or Excel spreadsheets used to work for you, but, since you’re growing, you need a more advanced tool that would take your operational efficiency to the next level. That solution is now here: the Computerised Maintenance Management System, or CMMS.

What makes it so special for fleet managers? Australia’s authority in asset management,, shares three reasons:

1. Automation

The biggest advantage of a CMMS system is having the ability to plan everything ahead. Gone are the days that you have to manually set and remember when to conduct inspections and repairs. This platform makes scheduling preventive maintenance a breeze and helps reduce your overall operating cost.

This eliminates paperwork. Your personnel can instantly view and access key word order information through any computer or mobile device.

2. Simplicity

CMMS is the bailiwick of maintenance professionals. It sets maintenance, processing work orders and providing other asset management solutions.

Unlike integrated enterprise level software, which are often complicated because it covers the needs of different departments, CMMS is intuitive. Its features are relatively easy to master, as it focuses just on the upkeep function of your facilities and vehicles.

3. Compliance

Because you have to deal with random inspections and periodic audits by regulatory agencies, all of your assets should be properly maintained to meet the national standards. As your manager can easily view generation reports about your machines, an automated system helps you prepare for every audit.

No trucking company have succeeded without embracing advanced technology. Invest in the apt program for your business and overcome the increasing challenges you’d face as you grow.

Top Four Consumer Products that Give Your Home a Real Makeover

DVD Home Theater System

Home makeovers don’t always mean you have to rebuild a room from scratch. You don’t need to throw away everything just to give your space a new look. By just adding small details here and there, you can turn a dull room into a complete interior wonder.

It’s a good thing that Sony Philippines has an impressive range of household appliances and electronics that can instantly make your home cover-worthy. The best thing about this is you don’t have to go over your budget.

DVD Home Theater SystemHere are some items you shouldn’t miss:
1. Sony BRAVIA X Series

With a 4K high-definition resolution that makes your viewing experience almost surreal, this LED television from Sony TV Philippines will change the way you think about images. Pictures look more life-like once you wear your 3D glasses. This also has a sleek and sophisticated “sense of quartz” design that can match your home. Its diamond cut finish gives the unit a striking look that says it’s more than just your average television.

2. DVD Home Theater System

Power and style are the best features of the home theater system. Speakers give you clear surround sound, while images on the screen are vibrant. It’s as if you’re watching in the cinemas right at the comforts of your living room. Complete your viewing experience with accessories such as the Digital Media Port that you can connect to your iPod or music player.

3. Micro Hi-Fi System

Convert your house into a club with the Micro Hi-Fi System. This stylish, compact home audio system lets you dance to the beat of the music. This comes with an impressive sound quality and compatibility with various media formats, such as MP3 and MP4.

4. Digital Photo Frame

Why not upgrade your old photo albums and frames into digital ones? The clear photo LCD makes this possible. The LCD screen amplifies the colors of the images, making them look sharper and more vibrant. It also comes with the full HD playback feature that allows you to play your favorite videos and songs.

With these products, you can quickly transform your home without fussing about complicated appliances and bulky furniture. Most importantly, these not only enhance your home’s interior comfort but also your lifestyle.

4 Tips for the Art and Discipline of Simple Living

housing in singapore

There are many reasons why people tend to live the minimalist way. As you move into a smaller home, you are allowing yourself to become more accustomed to a simpler, more undemanding lifestyle.

housing in singaporeLiving in a smaller home could also mean that you have to keep it clutter-free. To know more about how to keep your small living space as breathable and as relaxing as possible, Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. has a few tips that you can consider:

1. Scout for furniture that could provide you an ample amount of storage space. That way, you can still keep the items that you believe you need without having them scattered all around your small living space.

2. The key to a clutter-free home is not to purchase the things that you don’t really need. Before buying that treadmill, for instance, you have to ask yourself whether you are ready to let go of that running shoes.

3. Make one of your free days a cleaning day. This is when you will vacuum the couch, polish the floor, clean the bathroom, get rid of old toothbrushes, and wash the blankets. You can assign a day in a week where you can accomplish relatively lighter tasks. Heavier cleaning tasks, on the other hand, you can accomplish once a month.

4. For urbanites living in a bustling city, such as Singapore or Tokyo, a small condo space requires cleaning more often to avoid cluttering your place. It doesn’t have to be long, intensive cleaning, though.

5. Always allot a few minutes of the day to put things in order. Before going to work, for instance, be sure that the dishes you ate on are in the sink or in the dishwasher. Putting pillows and blankets on their proper places would also ensure that you would enter a neat, orderly bedroom after a long day’s work.

Living in a small but clutter-free space can give you a profound sense of ease and freedom. By learning how to maintain your living space as breathable as possible, you are also teaching yourself the art and discipline of simple living.

The Art of Rigging: Safety Practices Every Worker Must Know


riggingThe handling and setting of equipment and other materials could be hazardous. Each operation presents its own problem, but when you take proper consideration, you can perform each job safely. Below are some safe rigging practices:

Pay Close Attention to Details

Make sure that the person in charge of rigging is authorized and qualified. He should also pay close attention to details. It’s important to always be careful as one careless act can lead to serious accidents or even death. This could also result in tremendous property damage. Proper rigging is an art, so if you don’t know how to do it, don’t even attempt.

Know What to Expect

Before you start your rigging task, it’s important that you recognize these two things: you’ll be in unfavorable job condition and you have a schedule to meet. So make sure to prepare yourself and plan everything so you can finish your work on time.

Secure an Operating Manual

In most cases, average workers on a construction site don’t get the opportunity to choose the rigging equipment. The supervisor or the company purchasing department normally purchases it. If you don’t know anything about the rigging selection, this can create serious problems. and other rigging companies in Savannah stressed the importance of establishing communication. The authorized person must secure an Operating Manual so he can be familiar with the equipment.

Don’t Overload the Rate Capacities

The capacity of the rigging and the object to be lifted must match. If you use too small rigging capacity, you’re only asking for an accident to happen. Make sure the equipment is in an acceptable condition. It should be properly inspected and has an appropriate identification.

Utilize Proper Rigging Gear

Make sure to use appropriate rigging gear fitting for overhead lifting. It should be utilized within industry standards and the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Safe work practices are very important. Whenever there’s a concern as to safety, all workers must know what to do, so they can avoid accidents.

Why You Need Entrance Floor Mats and What’s Available in the Market

Floor MatEveryday we can expect people to be coming in and out of our house. With all the foot traffic, our floors become soiled from footprints.

You wouldn’t want to take the trouble of mopping floors every now and then, would you? This is especially true if your floors have a carpet, as it would be more difficult for you to remove soiled footprints.

Preventing Soiling, Slipping, and Falling

The best way to prevent footprints from soiling your floor is to prevent the soiling to begin with, declares An entrance floor mat is just the thing you need.Aside from keeping your floors clean and dry, entrance floor mats and rugs also help reduce accidents. Why? Because from the outside, road or weather conditions may cause shoes to get soiled or wet, which means risking a fall or a slip if the floor is too slippery.

Having said that, we are listing here some available entrance floor mats you can choose from.

Available Door Mats

There are a variety of styles, thickness and sizes you can choose from for your entrance floor mat. There is the Oriental mat or Persian rug, the design inspired by Eastern craftsmen, hence the name. It is very durable and perfect in any indoor location with heavy foot traffic such as upscale entrances, reception areas, offices, hotels, and office building lobbies.

Waterhog mats see wide use in commercial and residential spaces, and easily mass-produced. Its design and construction can easily clean soiled shoes with just a few scrubbings on the mat.

Another are recyclable mats, which is a good choice if you want to help Mother Earth. These use all-natural, recycled materials.

You can select from a wide selection of commercial and residential mats made from waterhog, rubber, vinyl and carpet. You can also put a mat outdoors or indoors or both to make sure the shoes come out cleaner when they step inside your house. With a mat, it acts as the potent first line of defense against any dirt your household may have stepped on outside.

What to Expect from Bathroom Facelifts

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovationThe bathroom is a private sanctuary where one should find calm and have a soothing experience. It is a recess where you should find comfort and where you should enjoy pampering yourself.

Bathrooms, like all other rooms, gradually suffer breakdown, but of all the rooms in the house, the effect is more apparent in bathrooms. This is due to frequent use of water and other corroding elements such as soap. Renovations are therefore necessary every now and then.

In Perth, Australia, there are perfect solutions for the seeker of the perfect bathroom makeover!

New Bathroom Fittings

From low-cost to big budget remodelling, there are spanking new bathroom accessories that will transform your bathroom into your dream sanctuary. These include stylish mirrors with exquisite frames that will add splendour to your bathroom, basins that you can sit in for hours, baths and spas that can accommodate more than one person comfortably, and showers that you can set just the way you like.

Others include comfortable toilets, durable tapware, a range of tiles, and other vanities that you can select for your bathroom renovations. In Perth, you can hire a number of contractors for this purpose.

Top-Tier Bathroom Experts

Before you start remodelling, you need to consult with bathroom experts who are the very best in the field. You need experts who will provide you with several modern and traditional bathroom concepts. You do not need a fortune to get that fresh new look for your bathroom, there are experts who have the skill to work with minimal resources to come up with jaw-dropping results.

Every bathroom has its unique attributes and a good expert is one who has the experience to know how to make use of the natural light, how to maximize the use of space, and how to conveniently allocate the storage space within the bathroom.

Perth has everything that you need for your bathroom facelift at the right budget. There are experts who have the experience to ensure you have the best bathroom renovation experience.

3 Ways to Prevent Skin Infection

Skin rashes

Skin rashesThe skin is your first layer of protection. As the largest organ of the human body, it is the first line of defense for your muscles, tissues, organs, and bones from harmful microorganisms. This makes it highly prone to bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can cause skin infection. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

Start Prevention Measures in Your Bedroom

The website Greatist listed the bedroom as one of the germiest places households aren’t cleaning. The bed absorbs drool, sweat, and dead skin when you sleep. Imagine if this continues for a long time, your bed can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites and increase your risks of infection.

Make sure to clean your bed – pillows, sheets, and mattress – regularly. If cleaning the mattress is difficult for you to handle, however, suggests using a latex topper or any kind of mattress protector because these are machine-washable.

Don’t Let Infection Transfer to Your Skin

Avoid sharing personal items like towels, razors, or anything you use on your skin. If the person who used these before you has a skin condition, then there’s a high possibility of transferring different microorganisms to your skin. Remember that indirect contact can be as dangerous as direct skin contact. Label your things if you must, so others won’t use them by mistake.

Always Wash Your Hands Properly

The hands are two of the dirtiest parts of the body. Imagine the things you’ve touched all day; you’re accumulating bacteria and you may not even know it. What makes it worse is you use your unclean hands to touch different parts of your body. Hand washing prevents the spread of germs and microorganisms, including bacteria that cause skin infection.

Don’t let infection affect your skin. Protect it by changing your habits and knowing the necessary measures in your home. As such, you can keep it smooth and healthy.

Avoiding Storage Wars: 8 Hacks to Keep Your Items Safe in Storage Units

Proper StorageWhen storage containers are abandoned, treasure hunts begin. Some reality shows have bidders with high hopes that the units contain valuable treasures for re-sale. Before you think your belongings can become somebody else’s treasure with a forgotten or unpaid hired storage, here’s a few tips about renting storage containers:

1. Read the leasing agreement thoroughly
Make sure that you are well informed about fees, penalties and other clauses in the document before signing.  Ignorance is never an excuse.
2. Know the size you need
Will you need a 10’ that typically holds 1-2 rooms, or a 15’ container with 3-4-room capacity, 20’ or more? Or smaller ones that can hold enough your things?
3. Load your unit according to need with the most frequently needed ones near its opening
This helps you get things when needed with much convenience.
4. Properly arrange your stuff inside
Begin stacking boxes with the heavier, larger ones on the bottom and put fragile items on top.
5. Give priority to the security measure of the facility, especially if you keep valuables inside your unit
Does it offer 24/7 camera surveillance? Will you be confident enough that your items are safe?
6. Always pay your rent on time
Forgetting to pay your rent once, may not hurt much.  Twice? Hurts your pocket a little. Thrice or more? Your storage will end up on a TV show.
7. Check its insurance policy
Make sure that your things will be safe from theft, fire or damage by checking on the insurance policy of the service provider or you may contact an outside source.
8. Choose the right location
Make sure that the facility is within or at least most accessible from within your vicinity.  If you’re within Perth, give us a call.

Consider all these things, so you won’t end up seeing your items get auctioned off.