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Venetian Blinds: History and Modern Uses

Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindsWindow dressing is one of the most important decisions you will make when designing your Perth home. If you like the traditional theme, then you should definitely go for fabric curtains. However, if you want a modern look and feel to your home, then you can do no better than to choose Venetian blinds.

Some Trivia

Despite its name, Venetian blinds did not actually come from Venice. It may be true that the Brits saw it in Venice and thought it was quite clever. This is why only the Brits, Aussies, and Americans call it Venetian blinds. The French call it jalousie a la persienne while Italians call it persiana. This probably means they got it by way of Persia.

At any rate, the horizontal slats have become a very popular way to dress your windows.

What are Venetian Blinds?

The Blinds Gallery defines Venetian blinds as horizontal slats made of plastic or wood. The slats rotate on a system controlled by a rod, and are pulled up using a cord. The whole system is simple, but ingenious. The ability to control the light and air that comes with easy precision is a wonderful innovation.

What are its Benefits?

Venetian blinds come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and sizes. They look very attractive, and can seem quirky or elegant. It all depends on what the homeowner chooses.

Venetian blinds are easily customisable, so they can fit in nearly any window or opening. They are easy to install, and easy to maintain. They are also affordable compared to other types of window dressing, and they can last for years without fading or damage.

As they are cheaper, most homeowners can choose to change the look of the room by simply replacing the Venetian blinds.

Windows are a prominent feature in any home, so it is important to choose your window treatment carefully. Venetian blinds do lead the pack in terms of popularity, but it is certainly not the only option. Overall, however, it is the most practical and versatile choice.

The Hallmarks of an Effective Social Media Campaign

social media

social mediaSocial media is a significant part of any online marketing strategy. It allows you to give your brand a tangible personality, something your customers can easily relate to. This, however, isn’t always about posting random articles or sharing clichéd virals. It’s more of providing people what they need at the right time.

In spite of the entire buzz about social media, the success of the campaign heavily depends on the people managing it. It also relies on the occasion and the cause you are furthering.

Specific Target Audience

As explained on their website, “Most small businesses know they need to have a great social media presence. Social has an ever growing influence on buying decisions, and your clients needs to advertise in the right locations. Help them do that with the right social marketing products.”

Marketers believe that you’ll end up speaking with no one if you try to target everyone. An effective social media strategy has a definite audience. Your goals are directed toward a specific group of people. If you have a specific audience group in mind, you can easily anticipate what they need and when they will need it.


Look at your social media dashboard. Do you find conversations? A healthy campaign has exchanges, which are facilitated by the community manager. The enabling of these interactions proves that your brand is not static, but proactive and responsive.


Many online marketers create campaigns whose results are hard to gauge. An effective social media campaign should have measurable results. To ensure that the results are quantifiable, make sure that
your goals are specific and are tied to figures and educated inferences. Be sure to use analytics and relevant tools.

Most importantly, effective campaigns are simple, but creative and memorable.

These are not ambitious; these are intelligently crafted to respond to the everyday queries of the customers. If you’re having doubts on your social media capabilities, seek the help of a reliable professional. See to it the person you’ll work with has experience in online communications, detail-oriented, and has some journalistic skills.

Why Go for Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior DesignMost people think that interior design always refers to home decorating. There is a big difference between designing the interiors of a commercial space and those of a home.

Just as there is a need to design the office’s receiving area, the office lounge also needs to be planned carefully. The same is true for shop floor displays, hospital receiving areas, convention centre spaces and others.

Here are some reasons to choose commercial interior design for a business:

To attract more customers

Businesses thrive if they have paying customers who enter their premises. Supermarkets, for example, need to maintain a dense and steady flow of people going inside just so they will have continuous sales. Regular upgrades and proper planning of these establishments’ designs would continue to entice people, making sure that business will have growth and viability.

To create conducive work areas

Even offices can benefit from having well-designed commercial interiors. Perth, for example, has a great number of employees who spend a considerable amount of time within offices. They would benefit from having spaces that are conducive for work. Comfortable employees perform better than those who aren’t, and well-designed spaces create a more positive office atmosphere as well.

To properly represent the company

Good commercial interior design can also represent the company’s objectives, services and reputation to its clients. All the clients need to do is walk through the door and they will already have opinions of how good the company is just by looking at the office’s style. As with most things in life, first impressions last. Companies should not ignore what their clients might be thinking about.

Companies should consider how powerful good design is in drawing in clients. A comfortable, attractive and well-designed commercial space may provide more revenue because of the additional people flocking into the business.

How Poor Internet Connection is Ruining Your Hotel Business

Hotel Business

Hotel BusinessDo you have an Internet connection? That is probably one of the questions you will hear from customers, whether they are sending you an email or asking your hotel’s front desk. Internet connection is a must for any hotel looking to stay competitive. Guests want to do work, send emails, log into their social media accounts, or browse while in their rooms.

You cannot just have Internet; your connection must be fast and consistent. What happens to your establishment if you have poor connectivity?

Complaints and Bad Reviews

Even if you provide Internet in your guest rooms, its speed will be scrutinized as soon as your guests try to log-in or browse. Frustrated guests will not hesitate to post a bad review about your establishment because of poor connectivity. There are several review sites, such as Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet, where travellers rant or rave about places or hotels.

You may get frequent complaints about how poor the Internet connection is at different times of the day. Irate customers create a negative impression of your hotel, especially for walk-in guests. The complaints and bad reviews mount, and will spread to other potential customers. Upgrade the Internet in your hotel to satisfy the needs of your guests.

Losing Customers

It may be the last time a guest stays in your hotel because of a bad Internet connection. If your establishment is in a tourist or central business district, the need for fast and consistent connection is of utmost importance. There are ways to improve poor hotel connection, but you do not want your guests to do that. Provide them with fast connectivity to give them a good reason to stay and review your hotel positively.

Reduced Profit

Losing customers and bad reviews lead to lower profits. Improve your hotel’s Internet connection to keep guests satisfied and maintain or increase profits.

Having fast and consistent Internet connection for your hotel may be the deal breaker for guests. Make sure that you provide this to keep guests satisfied and attract more in the future.

Make Your Class Reunion Memorable with These Tips

class reunion

class reunionEver wonder what happened to your friends back in university? Do you want to reconnect with them after so many years? Perhaps it is time to organise a reunion.

Here are some ideas to help you organise such an event:

You can’t have a party without a venue. Try restaurants located in Tunbridge Wells to make your party more exclusive. Hotels and beach resorts are ideal venues for class reunions, as well. If you don’t want to go far or you are worried about the accessibility, hold the party in your school instead.


Your school chums will be excited and look forward to the reunion if there is a theme. Throw a luau party if your friends want to cool down this summer. Try a retro revival or a masquerade to give your party a twist. Take a survey among your friends to know their preferences.


The last thing you want to do is have a lacklustre party due to lack of people. Make sure everyone gets all the details so they know what to expect and they can attend the school reunion. Send invites through phone, social media, and even your school’s alumni office to make sure that you will not leave someone out. Confirm their availability weeks before so you can project the amount of resources required for the event.


Your reunion will not be complete without entertainment. Book the services of a DJ to get your guests to move to the beat. Conduct mini-games and raffles to encourage participation. Set up a photo booth so your friends will enjoy taking pictures to their heart’s content.

Food & Drinks

You cannot call a party as such without some grub. Call catering services if you do not want the inconvenience of preparing the food yourself. Have a potluck if the reunion is informal and you are on a tight budget. For a formal party, go for a combination of cocktails, wines and juices coupled with finger foods to accommodate alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers.

It takes careful planning to create a memorable class reunion. You have to consider things, such as themes, locations, invites, promotions, food and entertainment to pull it off successfully

Food and Dates: Why They Always Go Together

Dating in restaurant

Dating in restaurantA date can be tricky, but one thing that never disappears in one is food. Now, why is that?

Ever since you could possibly remember, sharing a meal together has always been a common practice for dates. It might not mean anything, but subconsciously, there is meaning behind it. Although, like all dates, they are still quite nerve-wracking.

Here are a few of them to ponder on the next time you go on a date, be it a sit-down one or an adventurous one.

Testing the Waters

Let’s face it, the reason you’re on a date is because you want to know this person and want to be a part of their life—ultimately, you want to know what they’re like.

Sitting down and observing the person you are with, eat within close proximity lets you see the little things in close detail. In a sense, you are seeing what it is like to be in a normal setting, in a slightly different mood set by a casually romantic establishment. A restaurant maybe? A good one that isn’t forcefully date-like, but still exudes that ambiance, like Gerard’s Bistro in Brisbane.

Seeing how you get along together in this simple activity or setting can tell you a lot about what the coming dates would be like—if there was to be one.

In-depth Knowledge

The food you eat says a lot about you, and this gives your companion a better idea of who you are. Allergies? Preferences? With the many food encounters you’ve had your entire life, they’re sure to come with stories.

Eating with somebody is a very personal and intimate setting—this makes both parties open up and share thoughts, opinions and stories. Don’t you ever notice just how talkative you get when you have lunch or dinner with your family and friends? Eating time is quality time with people you care for.

Moreover, the food you consume greatly affects one’s mood. Its quality plays a big role in emotional and mental health. Even with just plain observation, you are able to incur facts and bits of information about this person sitting across the table.

Comfort Level

A date sets the mood, but this may be uncomfortable for either party. The challenge is to create an aura that is comfortable enough for you both to achieve that level of closeness to determine the next step.

If you find yourself comfortable with each other, then you are well on your way. If not, however, then you are left with more dates to go on, for you to get to that desired comfort level.

Why Choosing PPO Over HMO is a Wise Move

ppo dental plan

ppo dental planHMO, or a health maintenance organization, is a network of doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals who agreed to render their services at a lower contracted rate. Most individuals, especially the employed, are enrolled in an HMO program to cover for their health needs.

A growing number of people, however,are choosing PPO (preferred provider organization) health insurance over HMO. Compared to HMOs, PPOs offer greater flexibility and fewer restrictions in acquiring your medical needs.

1. PPO allows you to receive care from out-of-network healthcare providers.

HMO plans do not allow you to see a doctor or visit a specialist outside their network. Under a PPO plan, however, you have the flexibility to receive care from any healthcare providers you choose. But, you may have to pay a slightly higher fee and a deductible if receiving care out-of-network.

2. PPO doesn’t require a PCP.

Unlike HMOs, individuals enrolled in PPO do not have to select a primary care physician (PCP). A PCP serves as your personal doctor who attends to all your healthcare needs. Under a PPO program, you have the freedom to receive care from any physician you want. However, choosing a doctor or a medical professional within the PPO’s network would allow you to save more money.

3. PPO doesn’t require a referral to see a specialist.

In most HMO plans, you may have to visit your PCP first if you need to visit a specialist for your health concern. Your PCP will then provide you with a referral to one of the plan’s in-network specialist. On the other hand, individuals enrolled in a PPO plan do not need a referral to see a specialist. You can even save more if you receive care from a specialist within your PPO network.

For instance, if you are suffering from a dental condition, you do not need a referral from your PCP. You only need to visit your preferred dentist right away to receive care. If you choose to see a dentist within your network, you can even save more from your PPO dental plan fee, explains

PPO plans offer great flexibility that HMO insurance could not offer. By switching to a PPO plan, you can look after your health without worrying much about stringent health plan restrictions.

Google’s Definition of Unnatural Links: 3 Common Link Types Frowned Upon by Google


GoogleUnnatural links are something Google wants to do away with completely. The intelligent bots know exactly if you don’t ‘deserve’ links and hits your website with a significant drop in rankings. Whether you have already been penalized and are trying to recover, or are planning link building strategies for your next campaign, it’s important to understand how Google defines unnatural links. With that, you’ll be able to make the most of link clean-up and disavow services you will outsource.

Here’s a list of types of unnatural links that Google frowns upon—elements that can lead to tanking rankings.

Money for Links

Google hates buying and selling links. This is something that went unnoticed in the past, but became suspicious as the search engine got smarter over the years. The most obvious paid links are those that have money anchor texts. Often, these links are included in pages under ‘sponsors’ or ‘advertisers.’

Of course, there are really businesses that donate to advocacies and end up earning a lot of thank-you’s and links. This is where the matter of scale comes into play. When you simply have a handful of links like this, they may not be that suspicious. An excessive amount of similar links, however, may cause Google to think of your strategy as a little fishy.

Link for Link

Exchanging links is also suspicious to Google. Consider this scenario: your business specializes in roofing repairs and you have links to, say, homebuilding companies or providers of roof coating products around your area. These companies also link back to you. This may not be suspicious in Google’s eyes, but if you have a million link exchanges not just within your immediate area, but from all over the world, Google may see this as unnatural links.

Links in Guest Posts

Guest posting can hurt your rankings if you don’t do it properly. Sites that publish spammy articles were very popular before Google rolled out the Penguin update. Articles have no cohesive themes; they discuss fitness routines, but contain anchor texts and links that point to dentists in New York.

As you know, Google puts heavy importance on good-quality content. Avoid getting links from spammy sites.

These are just some of the links Google utterly hates. Unnatural links shouldn’t be part of your marketing strategy. Otherwise, you risk a decline in rankings.

3 Things to Stop Doing When Your Spouse is an Alcoholic


AlcoholicAnyone living with an alcohol addict knows just how much the problem affects everyone at home. As the alcoholic’s addiction grows further, the spouse is often left to clean up the mess and pick up the slack.

Have you become the sole functioning parent, or the sole provider, even? Have you rescued your partner from trouble, accidents, or even jail time? Chances are it’s you who makes excuses for no-shows at family gatherings, and are the one who patches up relationships and damaged properties.

How can you stop your spouse from drinking so much? The short answer, unfortunately, is you can’t. Unless you bring them to a recovery center, they will not stop even if they want to.

There’s good news, though. If you can’t actually stop them from drinking, there are things you can stop doing to help them take action for their drinking. Here are some of them:

Trying to Control It

Naturally, you try everything you can think of to get your loved one to stop drinking. This, unfortunately, will only leave you feeling frustrated. As mentioned before, even alcoholics can’t stop their own behavior.

The best thing you can do is to find a recovery center, such as This way, you are letting experts guide your loved one out of the bottomless pit of addiction.

Protecting the Drinker

Never protect your spouse whenever they experience consequences. If they take time off from work for being too drunk, don’t call the boss and come up with an excuse. A problem drinker will be too happy to let someone else take over the responsibility—remember that they need to accept the responsibility on their own.

Screaming, Shouting, and Nagging About the Behavior

Never scream or nag about your partner’s drinking behavior. This only gives them the excuse to drink even more. Instead of letting them realize that you nag because they drink, it goes the other way around: “I drink because you nag.”

Alcohol addiction is a family disease. According to experts, at least five other people experience its effects in a phenomenon called “secondhand drinking”.

Fortunately, there’s still hope for you and your partner. Don’t try to protect the addiction, don’t protect the drinker, and don’t nag about their behavior— and leave the rest to experts.

The Three C’s to a Better Moving Experience

Pack the items properly

Pack the items properlyDelivery vans, moving trucks and pick up service vehicles will always be part of the commercial world. Businesses rent and even own one or more of these vehicles for certain occasions. However, hiring or renting delivery trucks and movers for personal purposes can be harrowing.

Consider these useful tips when choosing which company to hire.

Choose Wisely

Whether it’s by word of mouth or a commendation from the mayor’s office, a truck rental company’s reputation is the best way to gauge the quality of its products and services. References from friends, colleagues or business contacts should give you an idea whether that moving company you saw in the ad can live up to their promises come crunch time.

There are other companies, so don’t just choose depending on a promo offer or a discount card.

Check the Fine Print

Check the fine print for insurances, mortgages and hiring services—do this for everything. Hidden fees and vague guarantees may be hiding within the technical jargon of the fine print.

Read carefully. If you don’t understand what you’re reading or not seeing what you need to see, choose another company.

Their services and payment schemes should be easy to see. Ask for clarifications if something is not explained well. If you are still unsure or not happy with the response, find another mover.

Care for Your Items

The movers should transport your stuff while preserving their original condition. This is why it is important to find help from experts. For instance, recommends hiring vans with a man to drive it. The man should know what to do to make the moving and delivery process easier because he has done the job for other people.

While the company will be moving your items, you still need to do one thing: Pack your items properly. Label boxes, especially those containing breakable objects. Discuss details with the movers before they even start picking up your furniture or appliances.

Moving can be stressful or easy, depending on how you do it. Choose the moving company wisely, check their fine print and care for your items to make things easier.