Painting Your House’s Exterior: Which Paint is Which?

Construction worker painting a wallPainting your exterior is an excellent way to give your home a significant lift. But choosing the right paint will make a bigger difference.

With a number of paint brands and contractors to choose from, it is easy to get confused. Failure to sort through considerations may result in a poor paint job.

For Capital Decorators Ltd., the first step in exterior home painting is hiring master painters from Wellington. Professional painters will help you with all decisions about your project and also guarantee a good job.

They can also walk you through different paint options. Here are some need-to-knows on the variety of paints available on the market.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints add a glossy, smooth, dirt resistant and long lasting coat to your home’s exterior. The paint, however, takes 12-48 hours to completely dry and hence bugs and rain can be a peril for you as you wait for your walls to dry. These paints also have high volatile organic compounds {VOC} content thus creating a significant concern for the environment and your health. If you wish to clean up oil-based paints, thinners and turpentine are handy cleaners.

Latex {Water-Based} Paints

Latex dries up faster compared to oil-based paints and only requires water and soap for cleaning. It also withstands weather elements well and is mildew-proof. It is eco-friendly and emits less odour than oil-based paint. It may, however, be incompatible with previous oil based finishes.

Alkyd Paints

This paint type does not contain oil in its basic composition. Alkyd paints are synthetic-resin solvent-thinned paints, which dry quicker than oil-based paints and have an excellent concealing power for surface imperfections.

For unfinished walls, a primer is essential before painting. Pair Oil-based primers with oil-based paints and water-based primers with water-based paints. There is no real economic saving in purchasing inexpensive but low quality paint.

Instead, go for the best quality your money can afford.