Preventing the Hepatitis A Outbreak in Your Office

A healthy and productive office atmosphereHepatitis A is a concern in San Diego. It has been for months, and the outbreak is yet to be controlled by the CDC. This puts everyone at risk, especially those with liver problems who could not fight off the disease on their own. Although says individuals who are homeless and who use substances recreationally are more prone to Hepatitis A, there’s no knowing whether someone carrying the virus could be in your office.

This puts great importance on keeping the workplace clean. Here are things you can do to improve office cleanliness:

Empty Garbage Bins Regularly

Discarded tissues and wipes could hold the virus, and being near these dirty items could put you at risk. Especially in the bathroom, the trash cans need to be emptied as soon as they are full, to avoid overflowing and leaving dirty items left behind. Commercial cleaning service can take care of emptying all bins, as well as vacuuming the area for a more thorough cleaning.

Keep Handwashing Soap Available

Hepatitis A is transferred through fecal matter, which you may be exposed to if a colleague did not wash their hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom. With soap at the ready, it’s easier to encourage everyone to wash their hands. Couple this with some directions on proper handwashing, so they can eliminate the virus.

Offer Seminars on Cleanliness

It’s one thing to give them the tools they need to wash their hands; it’s another to talk to them about the importance of doing so. Spend an hour or so to gather everyone to speak to them about the outbreak, and tell them how to help prevent it. Once someone in the office gets sick, it will be harder to control the outbreak, so do this as soon as possible.

It takes everyone’s combined effort to keep the office safe from diseases such as Hepatitis A. Make sure everyone knows what to do to stay healthy.