Replace or Repair Your Roof in 3 Easy Tips

Metal tileThere is nothing more embarrassing than a leaking roof on your business premises. This degrades your business value in the eyes of your client. The worst thing is you cannot hide it because telltale signs like dark spots are clear for all to see.

The question is: Is it time for a new rooftop, or should you simply replace the one you have? A roof leak repair expert in Utah and other states share some vital factors to help you decide.

Trouble signs

Determine if the roof needs attention or you’re just overreacting. How old is the roof? Many experts claim that a normal roof should be okay up to 20 or 25 years. If it’s past those dates, however, you have to be wary. Dark spots on the ceiling, shingles buckling and curling, and daylight shining through the ridge and damp sections of the ceiling are some common trouble signs.

Repair or replace?

Rooftop repair is normally the best option, especially in terms of costs. Nevertheless, this is decided by the extent of damage to your top. You can patch it up if there’s minimal damage, like missing shingles or small storm damage. On the other hand, if the roof has surpassed its lifespan or there have been major damages, it is time for a replacement. You wouldn’t want your clients questioning your priorities when you’re serving them with a leaking roof.

Call in the experts

Whether you decide to mend or replace after assessing the damage. Make sure to hire the services of an expert, as this will guarantee you of a good service. Some people decide to do the job themselves and end up doing poor, shoddy work. To avoid a poorly done and funny looking roof, hire experts.

Whichever way you look at it, a leaking roof is a major embarrassment to any business owner. To avoid such shame, make sure to check for signs of trouble. This will help you know whether to patch up or replace the roof with a new one.