Teeth Straightening with Cosmetic Braces in North London

a woman wearing a well-fitted InvisalignTeeth straightening not only improves a person’s appearance and self-esteem, but also improves the function of crooked teeth. Unfortunately, many adults are reluctant to receive teeth straightening treatment because they think that the only option is metal braces. In reality, there are now many options available for patients who wish to improve the alignment of their teeth discreetly.

In North London, braces are made of different materials and use different mechanisms to help move teeth into their right position. Cosmetic braces in North London are specifically designed for adults and are available in many dental practices, including Denchic Dental Spa. They work just like traditional metal braces, but thanks to their discreet design they are far more lightweight and inconspicuous.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an innovative teeth straightening system that can align teeth in as little as six months. Six Month Smiles braces are made of tooth-coloured brackets and focus on the teeth that are visible when someone smiles. This way, the overall treatment time is significantly reduced

Six Month Smiles braces can treat a whole range of problems, from misaligned bites to crowding and gaps between teeth to overbites. However, patients with severely misaligned teeth or jaw problems may not be good candidates for this treatment.


The clear alternative to metal braces, Invisalign consists of a series of transparent, custom-made, plastic, removable aligners that help move the teeth gradually into their correct position. Invisalign aligners are made with the use of 3D technology, allowing the dentist to monitor the treatment from the beginning. The aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat and brush the teeth. However, patients need to wear them at least 20 hours per day for effective treatment.

Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is a gentle, safe and effective teeth straightening treatment that straightens the front teeth in as little as eight weeks. This removable appliance works by applying gentle, but constant, pressure on the front and back surfaces of the teeth. The pressure is provided by a spring and coiled mechanism that applies the correct amount of force needed to move teeth over time. Patients are advised to wear the aligner for around 20 hours a day.