What is an immediate dental implant?

Patient getting dental treatmentImmediate implants in London consist of a dental implant that is placed in the jawbone immediately after a tooth extraction. It is usually placed at the same visit as the dental extraction at reliable and respected dentists, such a Moor Park Dental, but it can also be done within two weeks after the extraction and still be considered an immediate dental implant.

If a crown or dental bridge is placed on immediate implants in London to restore the tooth, this is known as immediate loading. Immediate loading of an immediate dental implant is the most favorable option for most patients.

What are the benefits of an immediate dental implants?

Sometimes the thought of losing a tooth is a heart wrenching idea, especially if it’s going to be a front tooth. A dentist will then give a list of options which may include a denture or a bridge to replace the tooth temporarily until the extraction site heals.

Sometimes there may be a wait of 3-4 months prior to placing a dental implant or a permanent bridge and then could be another four months after a dental implant placement before a permanent implant crown is placed on the implant.

All this time a patient may be wearing a removable partial denture, a temporary bridge, or have a missing tooth. Now imagine the ease of a quick sedation where the tooth is removed and the immediate implants in London are carefully inserted into the extraction site and restored with a temporary crown. All in one visit to the dentist.

Immediate implants in London use a fixed tooth replacement that looks as good or better than the extracted natural tooth. They also help to preserve gum tissue for not just a better-looking smile but a healthier one too.

Are they safe?

Immediate implants in London are extremely safe. Like any other dental procedure, there are some risks. Fortunately, they are very rare and easily treated if complications do arise. Proper planning is critical along with an experienced dentist that has performed this procedure many times before. Proper post-operative care and diet will ensure successful healing.