2 Hiking Destinations in Switzerland That Are Worth Your Money

hiker on top of a mountainMost travelers long to extend trips by going to locations that enable them to get the most out of their money. While this is certainly a wise thing to do, there are just places that are extremely beautiful and expensive.

Switzerland is that kind of place. Although it ranks first in the list of the most expensive countries to visit, hiking and basking in its majestic environment is too hard to resist. If you want to experience the beauty of a place such as this, be willing to spend.

Here are two great ideas alpenwild.com swears are worth your money.

1. The National Park Trail

Who says that Switzerland hiking cannot be with the family? At the Champlönch Children’s Trail, your little ones would delight in exploring nature as well as human-made curiosities.

No more trying hard to convince the kids to walk and explore — awaken their curiosity by listening to a virtual tour guide talk about what is in store for them next.

The child-friendly and equally breathtaking trail includes “the long meadow,” which starts from Champlönch to Alps Grimmels. It then runs along the Piz dal Fuorn and ends in the beautiful Hotel Il Fuorn.

2. The Appenzell Alpine Trail

A local story in the region has it that a giant climbed over the Alpstein carrying a bag full of tiny houses. There was a hole in the bag punctured by the peak of Mount Santis, and the tiny houses fell one by one. Many say that it is how the Appenzell region got its scattered settlements.

Folklore or no folklore, you will be amazed by the rock face of Mount Santis — best viewed from Chammhaldenhutte. Then, get awed by the forest and moor landscapes in Schotzenalpli and Dorwees.

Make the most out of your Switzerland trip by exploring its majestic mountains and trails. Take note of these two exciting trail ideas to get started.