3 Benefits of Using Bricks in Construction

man laying down bricksBricks are an important part of any construction process, from homes to commercial buildings. These are the building blocks that create the structures that we see. It was even used up to more than 2000 years ago, as evident in a building located in the ancient Indus city of Mohenjo Daro and the massive Fortress Buhan, which is located in the ancient capital of Egyptian Nubia.

Luckily, if you’re looking for bricks for sale in New South Wales, you don’t have to worry about finding someone around who can help. Indeed, bricks have stood the test of time and continue to be used even until today. Here are some benefits of using bricks in construction:

1) Bricks Are Strong

This is maybe the single, biggest reason bricks are still used in the construction industry. Even after 30 years, you will find bricks that were used to construct a building still in good condition. While it may show signs of age, it is still strong and able to go on another 10 years or so. A 2004 study showed that brick gives more protection from wind-blown debris than homes built with vinyl or fiber-cement siding.

2) Fire Resistant

In the production process of bricks, clay (primary material) and mortar are heated to about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (or 2912 degrees Celsius) and result in a single hard stone. As it’s made with high temperatures in a kiln, this makes bricks fire resistant by nature. This is added to the fact that clay and mortars are inherently non-combustible materials in itself.

3) Environmentally Friendly

Many are not aware that bricks can be recycled into a new brick. Kilns that produce the bricks use natural gas and not coal, thereby reducing harmful pollutants to the air. Some plants are known to use fuels of bio-based materials resources such as methane obtained from landfills. All these put together and it becomes apparent that bricks are definitely a friend to the environment.

In the end, bricks are beneficial to us in more ways than one. It remains and will remain as one of the best tools for constructing any building.