3 Reasons to Add Tea to Your Menu

hot organic teaTeas are usually associated with an older demographic (images of afternoons with hats and raised pinkies come to mind), but the younger market is opening its arms—and palate—more and more to the leaf brews. This means a wider audience for teas and a boost in sales for your food business if you take advantage of this.

All about giving a healthier option

Whether you have a small-scale cafe or a family-owned, generations-old restaurant, combining the quality of your food items with beverages that don’t really come up to par with the meals can send mixed messages. This is especially true if your drinks menu holds more carbonated and sugary options than lighter, healthier ones.

Adding teas to your customers’ choices not only makes your business friendlier to the more discerning, but it also introduces a less calorie-loaded beverage that sets you apart from the stereotype of unhealthy outside dining. You can find wholesale organic tea distributors that can supply you with high-quality teas that taste, look, and smell great and brew well, hot or cold.

Teas polish desserts

The curiosity over tea is ever growing, and you can give your diners the right push by pairing them with scrumptious items from your dessert menu. Most people forego sweets after a particularly filling meal. But a palate-cleansing cup to accompany your desserts will balance out the heaviness of the food and provides a finessed finish to their dining experience.

Seasonal sensation

Drinks that go hand in hand with the season is always a great marketing opportunity—and teas are a game-changer when it comes to seasonal beverages. Teas can blend well with fruits, herbs, and other food items that are easy to acquire and match according to the occasion or weather. It also gives a healthier, caffeine-free option for your customers who want to experience the season without having to order coffee.

Running a food business always has the consumers’ needs and wants at the forefront of the service. Drinks, whether served before, during, or after the meals, can spell the difference between sips that complement food or create an unsatisfactory experience that prevents them from coming back to your door.