4 Signs That Tell You Need Roof Repair

Man Fixing Roof ShinglesYou expect your roof to be strong, durable, and long lasting and yet, it’s still suffering from damages over time. Perhaps once your roof reaches 10 or 15 years of age, you can ask roof inspectors to make checkups once or twice a year.

You can also do the inspections yourself so that you can call roof repairs immediately, but what do you have to look out for? APEX Exteriors Inc lists some of them:

Leaks Inside the Home

You can easily judge that your roof needs repair when you notice leaks. Look for water damage in your ceiling or walls. Once you notice even the slightest stain, climb up and find the water’s entry point from your attic or roof. Mark the spot with chalk or any marker and have roof repair services take care of it.

Shingle Problems

You also need to look out for broken, missing, or loose shingles if you have a shingled roof. Shingle problems can inevitably lead to roof leaks. You can inspect your shingles easily when you stand on top of your roof, or if you find shingles out in your yard.

Loose Flashing

Another sign you have to look out for involves your roof’s flashing. The flashing simply refers to aluminum or galvanized steel in your roof. Their location will vary depending on the roof you have. The flashing keeps water out your home as well. Flashing can come loose or deteriorate from rust.

Advanced in Years

Call roof repair immediately with the signs above, but you can also have your roof restored. Look at the age of your roof. You can get roof restoration when your roof remains under 20 years of age or if it has reached an age well beyond its supposed life.

You can now easily have your roof repaired since you know what signs to look out for. Your roof will then be able to serve you and your home for much longer.