A Brief Guide to Leak-Free Storage Tanks

Man climbing a storage tankStorage tanks are used for different applications. Both above ground and underground storage tanks are efficient in storing fuel, oil, chemicals, waste products, and even potable water if they’re maintained properly. Learn ways on how to make storage tanks last longer:

Proper Installation

For a storage tank to reach its expected lifespan, a proper installation must be the first consideration. Leaks and other issues that could trigger bigger problems are most likely avoided when the tank is properly installed. Needless to say, installation is a combination of different complicated works that it should only be done by professional tank installers. Find a reliable company for this job.

Using the Right Type of Tank

Storage tanks come in different types, materials, and sizes. There are tanks made of plastic, while some are made of steel or stainless steel. Some tanks are installed aboveground while others, underground. You must use the right type of tank and choose between an underground and an aboveground storage tank based on your needs.

If you’re using a tank to store petroleum or hazardous chemicals, you must also make sure that it complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and your state’s regulations. Again, professional tank installers can give you advice as to which type of tank is the best for your needs.


Do periodic maintenance to spot problems as soon as possible and perform immediate repairs when necessary. While aboveground storage tanks are easier to inspect for problems, USTs may require the services of professionals. It is very important to check for releases as soon as possible to avoid contamination.

You can visit EPA’s official website (epa.gov) for tips and checklists on proper maintenance and operation of underground storage tanks.

Storage tanks can only perform efficiently with proper use and regular maintenance. Following federal requirements and complying with EPA and your state’s regulations should also ensure safety and a leak-free tank for long periods of time. For problems and repairs, let professionals help.