A Man’s Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

As soon as she says “Yes”, your wedding planning responsibilities – among tons wedding bands of other to-do lists – will include selecting wedding bands. With the wide array of bands offered by reputable jewelers, such as  AAA Jewelers in Utah, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. If you’re a would-be groom, the following pieces of advice are for you:

Begin Your Quest Early

“The early bird gets the worm,” or so the saying goes. By shopping for options in advance, you give yourself more than enough time to try a multitude of different rings. Eventually, you can narrow down your choices and may even have enough time to spare for making the actual purchase. Custom wedding rings, in particular, require more time for you to browse around shops and listings to get an idea of what’s trendy.

Mix It Up

Just like in marriage itself, compromise is important. For instance, your future wife might like yellow gold while you prefer platinum. Why not combine both metals in a single band? Or perhaps each of you would like to mix different-colored bands instead. For this, you can commission a mutual inscription as a way to officially “fuse” your choices.

Have Your Lifestyle in Mind

Remember that you’ll be wearing your wedding band every day, so select something that is seamless enough to be a part of your daily life. If you play an instrument or enjoy sports, search for a slimmer ring that has round edges called comfortable fit. If you often use your hands at work, look for a solid metal ring and avoid carvings that can trap dirt or gemstones that come loose. On the other hand, get a platinum ring if you're super-active because it is extra durable.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding band is supposed to stay with you forever. This alone is enough reason to choose something that fits you and your future wife’s personalities, not to mention one that can sufficiently last for years without getting tarnished or damaged. Remember, the band is supposed to symbolize your unity as a couple, as well as the solidity of your relationship.