A Simple Guide to Creating a Lawn

Hand above grass

Most people who have trouble keeping their lawn in great shape make crucial mistakes when starting. Gleaning from modern landscaping services in Starkville, you need to address the essential factors when installing one on your grounds. Sod and seeds make a high starting point, but you need to handle the installation process with great care.

Starting from Seeds

One of the most significant advantages of taking this direction has to do with costs. If you have lots of ground to cover, seeds make the best choice. Another advantage is that you get to pick a custom blend for your extensive grounds.

With seeds, you can have total control over the grass species and can create a perfect combination to meet your specific needs. You should know that growing a lawn from seeds is a delicate process. You will have great results when planting cool season grasses.

How to Do It

You need to prepare the site carefully to keep the soil from forming a hard surface that is impossible for the delicate seedlings to penetrate. The ideal soil size should be about marble or pea-size soil particles. For the best results, you need to sow the seeds on a windless day using a rotary spreader. A spreader is also useful in applying the dry granular fertilizer formulated for starting new lawns.

If the current weather is hot and dry or there’s a lot of high winds, cover the seeds with organic mulching. Sawdust and peat moss tend to crust, making it hard for seedlings to break through. That could lower the germination rates, saddling you with large bare patches.

You need to keep the seeded area moist for up to three weeks or until all the grass sprouts. Depending on the weather, you need to water the ground up to four times a day. By the sixth week, the lawn should be well established to give your grounds a green and lush appearance.

Starting from Sod

If you’re on a tight deadline or just looking for quick results, laying sod makes a great choice when starting a lawn. However, you will incur a higher price tab then when starting from seeds. You might not have a limitless selection of grass species, but there’s a broad variety.

Sod also gives you instant gratification as it gives you entirely green grounds the same day you lay it. You can lay sod at any time of the year, except when weather is frigid, or there’s a heat wave. Before taking your sod delivery, you need to keep the area thoroughly wet.

How to Go About It

Man laying sod

For the best result, you should lay an entire field in a single day. You should start early in the morning. It’s essential that you stagger the ends to avoid getting them being adjacent. You should also be careful around odd-shaped areas to ensure that the sod fits tightly.

For a lush lawn that looks great, you need to establish it right from the get-go. Seeds and sod make a high starting point when installing a lawn on your grounds. They will deliver great results and create a yard that will serve you for many years.