A Unique Offline Marketing Idea to Complement Your Online Presence

Person holding a pile of books

There’s no discounting the perks online marketing can give you and your business. Search engine optimisation services in Brisbane are necessary to boost your online presence because it is undeniable that web search is one of the first things information finders do.

But how do you ensure your offline presence gains as much impact as your online existence? Chinese-Canadian business magnate Dan Lok shares this secret.

Publish a book

Online and offline marketing are two different things, hence, they require different approaches. The former needs you to create landing pages that convert, use keywords that target the pain points, etc. The latter, on the other hand, involves saying the right hook and asking the right questions while not being pushy and disrespectful.

Often, offline sales conversation end up in exchanging of business cards. But if you really want to close the deal with that client, publish a book and give away free copies or at free chapters at the least. Why? Here are the reasons:

Books are Big

What is the first thing that you do when you receive a business card? You (pretend to) read it, don’t you? After reading, what do you do? In some cultures, they place the cards on their desk until the meeting is over then they put them in their wallets or cardholders. For others, they keep it right away.

What happens next after you keep it? Do you go home with excitement that someone gave you a business card, so you rush to your room and dial the number printed on it? No, right? Unless that’s some celebrity you’ve been crushing on.

How many days does it take you to recheck your cardholder and look for the name of the person you just talked to? Imagine your business card going through the same unfortunate course of action.

But, books with your name printed on it are harder to forget or keep unchecked. For sure their wallets cannot accommodate them. Instead, they’ll probably put your book on their office shelf or their desk. It will be more visible to them, which will remind them of you more than a business calling card would.

Books are Unique

How often have you received a book from someone you barely know? The librarian doesn’t count. If our assumption is correct: none.  No stranger has ever given you a book as a way for you to remember them.

Hence, the idea of giving your potential client a book in lieu of a business card is something they will never forget.

Why it complements online marketing

Stack of books

Publishing a book and sharing it with others for free or with a fee is your low-key way of selling your expertise without being pushy. It’s just like your search engine-optimized site. It provides your target market with all the information they need while at the same time giving them the impression that you are the expert in the field. Once this information is etched in their brain, they can associate it with your name the next time a similar topic comes up.