America’s Divorce Rates are Dropping: Is It Good News?

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The divorce rate in the United States is dropping. You would think its good news, but as it turns out, it’s not. There is, of course, still a need for divorce lawyers in Marysville, but the demand isn’t what it used to be. Although families sticking together look and sound great, that’s not the case for most marriages.

So whose responsible for the dropping numbers of divorce in America?

Millennials are Delaying Marriage

Divorce rates have been declining since the 1980s in the US. Surprisingly, millennials may take credit for the drop in divorce statistics. Their marital vows, as it appears, seem to stick far more often — and longer.

In 2016, young married people were 18 percent less likely to get divorced compared to couples who married in 2008. The trend is also present in the United Kingdom, where the marriages of young Brits are 27 percent more likely to make it through their first decade, the prime divorcing years.

But it’s not about millennials finding the secret to happily ever after. Divorce is less common among this age group is because they are delaying it. The younger population is becoming more selective about choosing the person they say “yes” to for the rest of their life.

In 2003, men and women got hitched at the median age of 27 and 25, respectively. This year, the median age at first marriage in the country is now almost 30 (29.8 to be exact) for men and 28 (27.8) for women.

Marriage is a Sign of Achievement

Young people also think of marriage as a launch pad for personal achievements, so it requires longer preparation for some. It’s their way of saying they achieved something or some things. Marriage seals the deal for what they accomplish.

They see marriage as a platform that needs a public demonstration to show that they are capable of achieving something; for some, this achievement may be a capability and capacity to start a family of their own.

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Other young couples delay walking down the aisle for more practical reasons.

Getting Married Has Now Become a Challenge

Some millennials are delaying marriage because they have no choice; they can’t afford it. Financial security is a big factor in saying “I do.” Those who think marriage isn’t practical may decide to live together for the time being. It’s an arrangement that isn’t just affordable for some, it’s also an ideal way to discover true compatibility for others.

Young couples can find out if they can handle each other’s quirks, temperaments, and habits when living in close quarters. If things don’t work out, they at least don’t have to deal with alimony and lawyers to settle their affairs. In living together before marrying, young couples can get a reality check about their relationships.

Marriage is a big commitment, and today’s couples are treading carefully. They’re doing so by delaying the ceremony or by cohabitation first. Those who do walk down the aisle tend to stay married now more than ever, leaving the divorce rate on a downward trend.