Bilingual Advantage in Career Prospects and Cognitive Control

Dubai CityDubai is a multifaceted city that is home to more than 200 hundred nationalities. It is a cultural, economic and travel hot spot that makes it more of a global city than simply a place in the United Arab Emirates. In such a vibrant place, your children can grow up in a multilingual environment.

Have you considered providing your children bilingual education to prepare them for life in Dubai and in the rest of the world?

Global Competition

The world is a highly competitive place. Companies from different parts of the world continue to expand, including Dubai. Communication skills are a highly sought skill set, and a bilingual education can provide your children with an edge.

Industries Demand Bilingualism

The business sector is not the only area in need of a bilingual workforce. The healthcare industry needs bilingual professionals to provide care to patients of different nationalities as well. Moreover, the sales, marketing, human resources, and customer service sectors can make good use of bilingual workers who can communicate with customers from different countries.

Better Salaries

Prospects for bilingual speakers translate to higher salaries. According to Research from Rosetta Stone, the average annual household income of foreign language speakers besides English is $10,000 higher than that of English-only speakers.

Bilingual Learning

Start your children young with bilingual education. By the time they grow, they could have mastered two if not several languages already. Bilingualism can increase your children’s chances to enter as many industries as they can imagine.

Improved Cognitive Control

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai and other well-known schools in Dubai noted that many educational institutions offer bilingual education. Bilingual classes are not only stepping stones to a great career, but a way to promote cognitive benefits. Research in Abu Dhabi showed that multilingual people have better cognitive control. This means they have better memory, problem-solving skills, and have an easier time to focus.

What foreign language do you want your children to learn? Whatever it is, you are sure that they will be a step ahead.