Build a Stronger Brand Identity with These Tactics

brand identity
A strong brand identity is beneficial and is an essential ingredient to your success. With this, customers recall your name often when they think of a product or solution to their problem. It also distinguishes your company from the competition.

One ideal example of a strong brand identity is Coca-Cola. It’s beautiful script text, distinct red and white color and the shape of its bottles make it one of the most recognizable and profitable companies in the world.

Experts from a marketing agency cite the following ways you can create a strong identity online and offline.

Understand Your Value Proposition, Audience and Competition

To build a brand identity, you’ll need to look inwardly, understand your audience and identify your competitors. This allows you to set yourself apart in the minds of your intended target market. This is the beginning point of your differentiation strategy.

You’ll be able to draw the lines on the benefits and unique selling proposition of your company. This uniqueness allows you to gain a distinct place in the thoughts of your customers. You’ll be the first brand that comes to mind when they look for a solution.

Understanding what your competitors do best allows you to implement a different approach that will make you stand out.

Develop Your Brand’s Creative Features

a unique brand

Branding isn’t just about defining your audience and competitors or an inward look at your strengths and weaknesses; it is also about optics. The visuals you use are part of your brand, and these may positively or negatively associate you with what you create.

Your website is one feature you need to work on and develop. This will make either a good or bad impression on a visitor. This may be the first time they will experience your brand, make it worth their while by providing a responsive site filled with useful content.

Use the Right Language and Tone

Every detail of your brand will be a reflection on the identity you want to create. Language (colloquial or formal) has a profound effect on the perception of your company. Use the right words, jargon and tone to reach and connect with your intended audience.

This is for both the written and spoken word of the advertisements and posts you publish. This familiarity makes you more appealing and improves your chances of getting a conversion. Be consistent with your tone and language to strengthen your connection with your audience.

Consult an outsourced marketing agency or department to create content, taglines and ads that your market can relate to.

Create Associations

A strong brand identity means that it can create associations with emotions, colors, logos and others. This connection elicits a response from your target audience with this you can direct them towards an action you want them to take.

A link to a particular positive emotion allows you to stand out and associate with important events of a person’s life. This can be birthdays, anniversaries, milestones at work and other experiences. A person may not quickly recall your brand, but if they know your logo, you’re instantly recognizable to them.

These are some of the ways you can create a strong identity for your brand. These provide you with a differentiation point from your competitors.