Cement Tile Roof Restoration: Pressure Cleaning and Pointing

cement-tileThe roof is the most important part of your house because it protects everything else in it. Yet this is perhaps the least often cared for because house owners seldom pay attention to its condition. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the roof too gets worn out considering its exposure to outside damage. So, you will have to repair or restore the roof of your house at least once in your lifetime.

The best way to have your roof restored is by calling roofing contractors. Perth WA has some of the best in the business, and these professionals will do a fine job of roof restoration.

Two commonly used roof restoration procedures include:

  • cement tile procedure
  • terracotta tile procedure

Read on to know more about the processes involved in this type of roof restoration.

Cement Tile Procedure

This procedure will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but will also help your roof last much longer. Essentially, there are two steps involves in the cement tile roof restoration procedure — pressure cleaning and pointing.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning involves cleaning of the roof surface using water at very high pressure level, usually around 3000psi. When water at such pressure level is used to the clean the roof, it helps remove any dirt, dust and foreign materials that might have accumulated on it. In addition, pressure cleaning helps get rid of fungal growth, accumulated grime and deteriorated components of tiles.


Immediately after pressure cleaning, the broken and missing tiles in your roof will be replaced. Following this, pointing or using pointed ridge caps in the roof with flexible polymer mortar is done. The procedure offers two major benefits: It makes the roof watertight and leak proof.

After pointing, a primer coat will then be applied on the roof followed by the final paint job. Now, your restored roof is all ready to protect your house for a much longer time!