Ceramic Tile: The Best Flooring Material for a Successful Retail Space

Construction cementing ceramic tilesConcrete, hardwood, engineered wood, natural stone and laminate are some of the top options for high traffic flooring in Australia. Yet, we are here to defend a 5000-year old flooring solution.

This is a short but convincing defence for ceramic tile flooring for commercial areas and spaces as the number one choice for high traffic areas in a commercial retail setting.

Extreme durability

Constant movement of people, equipment and tools bring serious abuse to any flooring material. Wear and tear manifests eventually. You can count on that. The damage may be costly if the choice of material is unsound. For high traffic areas, you need an extremely durable substance.

Ceramic tile has been around for thousands of years, and despite innovations, it remains a top choice because of its innate tenacity and density. Time has proven that high-quality ceramic tile can withstand the daily grind better than most materials. Therefore, ceramic tile is the top choice for durability.

Hardness level

To determine the strength of a specific type of tile, consult a PEI Chart (Porcelain Enamel Institute) and choose a material that suits your setting best. The standard classification of harness is a good reference, and you must make the most of the information to determine how resilient the material to withstand daily usage.

The hardest PEI rating is a “5” while at the other end is a “1.” You must opt for a type of flooring rated 4 to 5 on the PEI scale.

The aesthetic advantage

While your priority for high traffic area is durability, the appearance of the flooring material should count as well. After all, high traffic areas are also the most exposed to the public. A durable material that is not pleasant to look at will not do your brand any good.

Fortunately, ceramic tile options look great, and there are numerous tile colours, tones and textures available.

High traffic areas in a commercial retail setting require a durable and presentable flooring material. Ceramic tile is our top choice, and it should be yours as well.