Creating Original Tracks with Audacity

When creating music, you’ll need a set of high-quality equipment to determine the quality of lyrics and instrumental background. Mac computers are one of the most reliable platforms you can use. They also work well with open-source software, like Audacity. This software has a variety of functions that allows you to cut, copy, and mix sounds together. Download Audacity for your Mac computer, so you can perform the following:

download audacity

Modify Popular Songs

Creating mash-ups of popular songs is a great way to master sound mixing techniques. Audacity will be a good match, as it can help you cut songs at different intervals. Learn about Audacity’s features to create catchy versions of popular songs. Make sure you’re following fair use laws to make sure you’re not violating copyright.

Record Different Sounds

To begin creating your original tracks, record your own singing voice while playing an instrument. Search for instrumental tracks that will accompany your song well. Overlaying the tunes to your song will teach you how to edit the chords and structure properly.

Share on Social Media

Share your songs on YouTube or Facebook under an anonymous account. The reactions of your listeners will help you find out areas you need to improve. Their opinions will offer ideas on other musical experiments you can try using Audacity downloaded on your Mac.