Creative Sleeping Arrangements When Traveling with Children

Father with 2 kids inside carTraveling with two or more children and staying in a hotel can be a logistical problem. They may or may not be used to sleeping with others in the same room. They may also not be able to sleep properly because they would be playing with their siblings instead.

Usually, requesting for a twin rollaway bed with mattress in a hotel would be able to solve the problem. However, this arrangement may be denied in some hotels or hotel rooms. There are hotels that do not allow rollaway beds, especially in rooms with double beds.


When traveling with children, the first consideration is to have two rooms with double beds. However, there are concerns with this arrangement, especially if there are two preschoolers. Moreover, this can be expensive.

The next option would be to book a double bedroom or suite. This will involve some creative sleeping arrangements. Parents can sleep with one child each beside them, or they can sleep together in one bed, separated by pillows.

If there’s a sofa in the room, one child can sleep on it instead. If there are two armchairs in the room, these can be pushed together to form a single bed. If there is no sofa in the room, then a rollaway bed can solve the problem. The parents can decide whether to have a twin or a single rollaway bed.

Worst-case Scenario

The worst case will be the “pillows on the floor” option. This is not something that any parent would want to happen. The children would end up on the bed and one of the adults would be on the floor. Unfortunately, it’s usually the father who ends up on the floor. The primary reason to avoid this is the stress on the back muscles, which can be a bother when driving during the day.

Traveling with children is not an easy task. There would be times that hotel accommodations would not be suitable or enough for the family. The use of a rollaway bed can help, but overall a healthy dose of imagination is required for everyone to sleep comfortably.