Decisions to Make with Your Digital Advertising Agency

Man holding a 3D ball with Digital marketing sign in the middleWhen it comes to your brand’s advertisements, you want to have the final say. Marketing agencies in Melbourne will, of course, ask for your approval before they go through with a project. You may think you are always right as the client, but when it comes to the following aspects, online marketing specialists are specialists for a reason:

Colour Combinations

You may be sure of your choices because you think they represent your brand quite well, but a digital agency considers more than just your brand’s image. They consider the literal image when the logo is translated to different media, and they also look at how the colours will look once printed on shirts and other corporate items. What you see with your naked eye on the screen is different from how the logo will turn out after printing.

Text Alignment and Font

Take your digital marketing agency’s advice and let go of Comic Sans as your font of choice. Now is not the time to be the butt of jokes. Rather, choose a more structured font–something that will not distract from the message and will not draw unwanted attention. Pay attention to the alignment of text, as well. If you have long sentences and very show sentences in one paragraph, center alignment will make them look balanced, sure, but it will make the eyes work harder. Go with a left or right alignment instead.


Some companies choose their images before delegating a campaign to an agency. If this is the case for your business, make sure the images you provide are of high resolution and are free from copyright limitations. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of copyright infringement issues. To be sure, let the digital agency work on the project from scratch. They will ask for your approval every step of the way, which makes both parties accountable for the results.

When it comes to business ads, you want them to look good and to attract the right kind of attention. To avoid problems, get your digital marketing agency’s opinion on important factors.