Design Ideas for Chain Link Fences

Row of homes with fenced yardsFencing is an essential part of any property. It forms boundaries and also keeps your property secure. There are several choices available for your fencing, but chain-link fencing remains a popular option. This fence is primarily made of coated steel or galvanized wire.

It is low-cost, durable, secure and simple to install as well as to repair. While most people would think a chain-link fence in a Salt Lake City property looks bland, there are various options for enhancing its appearance. Here are some of these contemporary design ideas.

1. Add privacy slats

If you want enhanced security, you could use reed, vinyl and bamboo slats. Weave these slats through the openings of your fences to create an exciting look.

Not only will this design option enhance the privacy of your property, but it will also act as a windbreaker during very windy days. The methods of weaving privacy slats and their colors are varied to create a customized look for all properties.

2. Get some color

The days when solid metal colored chain link fences dominated neighborhoods are long gone. There are various colors you could choose nowadays for your fence depending on your exterior decor. Should you not find your ideal color, you have the option of painting it.

3. Cover them in climbers and vines

This is the ideal option for property owners looking for a way to contribute to eco-conservation. The structure of the fence supports these climbing plants, and as they continue to grow, they completely cover your fence.

In addition to their aesthetic value, they enhance your privacy. You could opt for fruit trees to reap an extra benefit of dessert.

With all the design options above, there is no reason for you not to get this type of fence. Before buying your fence, check if there are any state or HOA restrictions. Some states might also require a permit before you build a fence.