Developers Capitalise on Adelaide’s Expanding Tourism

AdelaideAdelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is a place where locals and visitors alike will find a smorgasbord of arts, retail establishments, recreation and gastronomic adventures. It also boasts of one of the world’s most gorgeous stones in its mines: opal.

The Best Place to Work and Live In

Adelaide remains one of the best places in the world to live, work and invest. It has many qualities to showcase, including a strong forecast in economic and population growth, as well as an excellent transport and trade infrastructure.

Apart from that, it’s ranked 5th in the world’s most liveable cities. It has various places where side streets and laneways transform into hole-in-the-wall type eateries and bars. It also has the Resort Brokers Australia, where people can sample fresh produce – fruits and vegetables, smoked meats and seafood.

Investing in Hotels in Adelaide

For those looking for properties to buy or sell, companies like Resort Brokers Australia can provide them with the figures they need to get an estimate of how much they could potentially earn and shell out for each property. There are more than 50 hotels and other types of accommodation in the city, providing more than 7,000 hotel rooms.

With the city’s expanding tourism and events market, hotels and developers are starting to capitalise on them since they are expected to welcome guests by 2019. Even when there‘s competition amongst the new properties, stakeholders suggest that it will only strengthen the industry.

Research suggests that Australian Rules Football games boost the city’s number of visitors per year. Ian Horne, general manager of the Australian Hotels Association South Australia, said ‘While the building of new hotels firstly means construction jobs, importantly long term hospitality careers are also created’, and added that ‘the economic equation that flows from the establishment of accommodation properties is significant and long term through ongoing expenditure of visitors’.

Adelaide is a place where continuous improvements are made. It’s exciting how things may unravel in the future of real estate, especially in the tourism sector, that could help hotels thrive, making the city more popular.