Don’t DIY: Installing an Air conditioner is a Bad Idea

Air conditioners are a pain when you notice them, because there’s probably something wrong with them when you do. A machine works best in the background — they make no noise, no fuss — just doing its thing you hardly notice that they’re there. But, as soon as it fails, everyone is suddenly uncomfortably aware something is wrong.

Most air conditioning failures that happen within the first three years are due to improper installation. A crossed wire here, a dirty tube there, and everything goes to pieces. This means you can’t just have someone install your system, you need professional help and here’s why.

air conditioning installation


Some air conditioners are located in hard to reach places for people’s convenience, which makes safety a big priority. Don’t attempt to install an air conditioning unit if it’s in a window twenty feet in the air. Everyone knows you can use a ladder, but your insurance really won’t cover it if you fall being a show-off.


This is the best reason to get a professional, not just for air conditioner installation, but also for anything in general. You can’t give yourself warranties because you know it’ll just break again if you do it. Companies don’t like granting warranties, they lose money and trust, so they make their people do the best possible work on installation.

They don’t lose money, and you have a fully functioning air conditioner in the near future.