Effective Ways to Attract and Retaining Millennials in the Workplace

Millennial employees in a discussionBusiness experts explain that millennials are known to be job-hoppers. It’s like store hopping only it is the job they leave quite often, and frequent turnover is no good for any business. The time spent on training new employees could be spent on income-generating tasks instead.

But the Generation Y (or millennials, as people call them) have certain traits that make it hard for companies to keep them. As someone in the management, you’re tasked to devise a way to attract and retain them.

This guide discusses three methods and explains how outsourced IT solutions can help you, whether you’re in Kansas City, Las Vegas, or Albuquerque.

Update your technology

Millennials are known to be tech-savvy and one of their criteria for choosing a workplace is technology, according to a study by Dell and Intel. More specifically, 80% of the millennials who participated in the study expressed that workplace technology is a deciding factor. In addition, 60% of the subjects added that they prefer tech benefits to non-tech benefits, such as free snacks.

With this information in mind, you should ensure that your company’s gadgets and devices are using the latest advances in technology. If the latest PC processor is now Intel Core i9 or something similar, don’t get stuck with Pentium 4. It’s not that the latter is bad, but it may not be able to meet the current work demands, particularly in terms of speed and data processing. Subscribing to IT solutions services will help you get the best technology that will work within your budget.

Support remote work

Millennial employee working from homeAside from loving the latest in technology, Generation Y is also a lover of families and flexibility. That said, they prefer a workplace that can offer them a work-life balance. Some of them may even forgo high pay in exchange for more time to spend with their family or friends. This is probably the reason more freelance job opportunities are sprouting these days.

As an employer, you can meet this desire by offering remote work opportunities. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown work-from-home arrangement. You can set aside at least one day in a week where they can telecommute. But before doing so, secure the latest tech in your workplace and their homes. Telecommuting requires a reliable Internet connection and a laptop or PC.

Challenge them

Millennials desire attention and are achievement-oriented. Combine these two characteristics and you get a workforce segment that’s always looking for a challenge. If they think that their current post will lead nowhere career-wise, you might have a hard time keeping them.

To combat this job-hopping attitude, provide new goals regularly. If they’re in sales, offer them a chance to step up as a sales leader or have them work with someone in the marketing department. If the budget is not a problem, send them to training or seminars.

After they have completed the new task, always give them the praise and attention they deserve. (Hint: they also love mentions on social media).

Millennials make up a big percentage of the current workforce, but it is not the only reason you should hire them. They also bring unique characteristics that are beneficial for your business. One of which is excitement, friendliness, and work efficiency. That said, attracting and keeping them is worth it.