Expand Your View: 3 Ways To Dress Up Your Big Windows

Summer is almost here, which makes it the perfect time to decorate your home. Some homeowners favor gardening and doing upgrades outdoors to make the place more inviting. Then there are others who prefer to perform changes indoors to make the place more comfortable for guests.

Now is a great time to create a space as unique as you are. If you’re thinking of decorating your living room, you may start with your windows as these can be the center of attraction. Most people with large windows in their homes find it challenging to get the right treatment. If this happens, let this article help you dress up your big windows.


For a vintage feel

For a vintage effect that celebrates height, use custom or designer drapes. Even industry expert Daniel’s Design House believes that the designs of draperies can add a drama to a room. There are styles that can highlight your windows and flow well with the look of the room. You can keep a beautiful outside view complete by pulling drapes to one side.

For a soft effect

For some people, large windows without curtains can make a space feel naked. It brings attention and make doing chores awkward. To achieve a soft effect, cover your windows with sheers. It softly diffuses light throughout the day while still providing privacy. A good rule of thumb when you have large windows is to place window treatments strategically.

For an eye-catching effect

If you want to grab more attention, go for a valance. It has a great way to bring a strong sense of style in an entire room. It allows light in and still be able to highlight a good view. Dressing just the top of your window can help you save money while adding a bit of flair.

Windows come in all sizes and shapes, but their common purpose is to control light and privacy. Make the most of your windows with drapes, sheers, and valances that will surely add style and color to your home.