Failed SEO Campaigns, and Their Tragic Ironies

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In such a volatile environment, managing an SEO campaign successfully takes blood, sweat, and tears. You may find millions of helpful articles for increasing the Google ranking of your pages, but there’s no silver bullet to your unique challenges.

The climb to the top of Google is full of twists and turns. You have to endure the growing pains before you reach the summit of the SERPs.

Although it’s normal to commit a bad judgment before doing a good decision, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why adopting best practices leads to having futile efforts. If you share any of these ironies, know that your situation isn’t hopeless:

Targeting Users, But Writes for Machines

The reason this would never work is that you can’t pick between the two. Both are supposed to be your target audience when producing quality content. Your pieces should be readable by real people and compliant to search engine guidelines.

Avoiding stop words religiously at the expense of grammatical correctness is a cardinal sin. Failing to insert focus keywords at key locations is also an SEO crime.

Content creation has a long list of do’s and don’ts. Without partnering with an established marketing company that specializes in website optimization, following today’s rules would be difficult.

Producing So Much Content, But Fails to Reach Readers

Do you produce content, but not getting a reasonable flow of traffic in return? Back 2 Black Agency and other digital marketing experts say that you might have a problem with distribution.

It’s nearly impossible to see your well-written blogs on Google if your site has low domain authority. If this is the case, you have to up your external blogging game. For instance, guest blogging on popular and relevant sites is a great way to introduce your brand and gain awareness.

Driving Plenty of Traffic, But Generates Few Conversions

Having high traffic with a low conversion rate is a nice problem to have. It means your content strategy works, and you only need a follow-up strategy to close. In many cases, you simply need to do a better job at landing page optimization. By enhancing certain elements of your page, it would create good UX and compel action from users.

SEO is sometimes a giant riddle you can’t solve, but never fear. If you hire the right digital marketing company, your revitalized campaign can start delivering positive results.