For Garden Lovers: Five Impressive Atriums Worth Seeing

green lawn with lots of flowers

Most residential and commercial building developers today make it a point to incorporate green spots in the city’s concrete jungles. After all, greens and gardens have many benefits for human disposition and productivity.

You can find lush green foliage in luxury hotel entrances, lobbies, courtyards and rooftops. In most instances, these custom-built luxury greenhouses and gardens are seen as an urban agricultural work that brings great aesthetics to homes, indoor workplaces, hospitals and hotels.

No matter how fast urban development grows, people would seek green gardens to find inspiration, tranquility, happiness and relaxation. The following are some of the most impressive garden walls and atriums the garden lover in you will surely love.

TripAdvisor Headquarters

Baker Group designed the TripAdvisor Headquarters Garden on the Wall, which seamlessly integrates several serene gardens. You can find here perfectly preserved ferns, eucalyptus and forest elements on three different levels. The garden is also designed to require no maintenance at all, so everyone at the headquarters can focus on working and take some breather appreciating the garden wall when needed.

Ty-Warner Mansion in Mexico

Located in a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, the Ty Warner Mansion is a private sanctuary that will amaze guests lucky enough to visit. They have an ethereal courtyard oasis that boasts of a 360-degree garden, a spectacular entrance pathway and floor-to-ceiling green display that showcases the Sea of Cortez’s calming waves.

SLS Lux Residential Towers

Located in the heart of Miami, the 57-storey SLS residential tower keeps a lovely secret garden on the 9th floor. The terrace is framed with lush greenery, and residents can admire the tastefully created biophilic wall amid an impressive view of the Brickell District.

Auberge Beach Residence and Spa

This beachfront property in Fort Lauderdale boasts of Enzo Enea-designed landscapes cocooned inside a massive glass atrium lobby. They have enormous planters, huge sheer greenery curtains and a glass ceiling that offers impressive views of palm trees, the ocean, the beach and pool, and the clear blue skies. Unobstructed view of the sculpture called “La Maternidad” is a bonus point for this wonderful atrium lobby.

Austin Nichols House

person watering the flowers

NYC definitely is a vibrant concrete jungle, but developers and designers make sure that new structures offer pockets of fresh greens. Among the many atrium lobbies in NYC residential buildings, the Plant by Wall Design in the Austin Nichols House is worth seeing. It is framed by a wood-beamed ceiling and dominates the reception area. This floor-to-ceiling wall takes center stage with more than 3,500 plants occupying more than 500 square feet of space.

Garden walls are proof that one does not need barren horizontal spaces to start a garden. Vertical garden walls have become an important part of today’s engineer and interior design. These are tastefully incorporated in the design of the buildings that one cannot imagine those spots without greens.

Taking note of the advantages and benefits that come with greenery, fresh air and sunlight, both residential areas and indoor workplaces have come to love these impressive atriums, indoor gardens and biophilic walls.