From Hired To Fired: The Right Way To Deal With Job Loss

Stressed WomanWhenever the economy slows down, many people lose their jobs. In fact, downsizing, cutbacks, and mergers have become the daily language that describes today's tumultuous business world. No matter how common it's become, however, losing a job can still be extremely jarring. Abruptly laid off employees, especially, have to deal with a lot of different feelings; the most prominent one being fear over an uncertain tomorrow.

Job loss puts a lot on your mind, including wondering how you will meet your financial obligations, what will happen if you or a family member falls ill, and a myriad of many other worries. Unemployment can be very frightening, but these tips will help you get back on track.

Embrace the Grief

Whether you saw it coming or if the layoff came out of the blue, it always feels horrible to get rejected professionally. Don't allow depression to creep in and take over your life, however. To move on, you must allow yourself to grieve and allow the reality to sink in before diving back into the job hunt. To keep your spirits up:

  • Go for regular nature walks.
  • Catch up with your friends, don’t deny yourself this.
  • Explore your hobbies. If you love to cook, for instance, this is the time to try out new recipes.
  • Schedule some time to spoil yourself; treating yourself to a massage therapy session would be great.

Don't Put Off The Job Search

Putting off the search for a new job could hurt your prospects in the future. In fact, it would be better to give yourself nice treats alongside the job search. Structure your day with a to-do list of your search activities. Some things you can include in it would be working on your resume, cold calling, enrolling with a placement center, visiting company career pages and looking for networking opportunities.

You can also look up available unemployment services and resources on your state's web page to help you get by as you job hunt.

Losing a job can be a terrible experience. But it is an opportunity to come out stronger, as well. Find healthy ways to cope with the situation and bounce back from the hitch in your professional plans.