Full-Packed Media Player that Caters to Your Needs

SMPlayer GUISMPlayer is a functional multimedia player for Windows and Linux. It has built-in codecs that can play all types of audio formats and videos. This easy-to-use player has a special feature that allows it to remember the settings of all files you play. If you’re using windows, there are accessible SMPlayer downloads for windows. Other features include the following:

Sleek Menu

SMPlayer has a sleek menu loaded with cool features and a variety of playback options. This player gives you all the playback support you need with an extra touch of style. It also has smooth layout for your movies and videos to fit in. Though the app doesn’t support many playlist features, it has all sorts of good things in terms of playback support. For instance, you’re watching a movie, but you need to leave. The movie will resume at the same point you left it.

Download and Installation

You can easily download and install SMPlayer using the setup wizard. This player is also compatible with Windows 7. An easy SMPlayer download for Windows 7 is available on the net. SMPlayer doesn’t need installation of codec packs, making it user-friendly. You can play audio, video, and YouTube files without using additional codec.

Subtitles and Foreign Languages

SMPlayer supports subtitles and audio track switching. This feature allows bridging the gap between English movies and non-English speakers. It’s packed with 30 different languages so people from all parts of the world can use it easily.

Customize Skin

SMPlayer has several themes that make it more appealing. You can choose different skin and themes according to your preference and style.

Snapshot and Color Adjustments

This innovative player also has a snapshot feature that lets you capture numerous frames. You can also adjust the brightness of your video, its contrast, and color.

With its many great features, SMPlayer is the perfect media player that caters to all your needs. What more can you ask for?