Growing Rapidly? Here Are 3 Business Processes That You Should Outsource

Call Center RepresentativesHave you hit the sweet spot where your business is growing rapidly? The need to hire is putting pressure and you, and with the growing team comes looming admin tasks that need to be dealt with. During these times, you can fall into the trap of wanting to hire full-time for every role.

However, we live in the gig economy. More often than not, it’s best to leave these crucial admin tasks to the pros. Curious to know which professional duties you should outsource? Here’s three of them.


While finances are a touchy subject for any business, it’s good to know that this industry is chock-full of professionals who are used to being contracted by rapidly growing companies.

A growing business means a ton of new financial concerns to keep on top of. There’s bookkeeping, payroll, and the ever-so-stressful logistics. Your best next step is to outsource financial controller services. Not only are you guaranteed the work of professionals, but you’re also protected by from many rookie mistakes that can cost you a fortune.


For rapidly growing companies, hiring is crucial. Don’t be caught up in the whirlwind of rapid hiring and going by eye-test. You are a businessman and recruitment might not be your strongest suit. Like finance, it’s best to leave this one to the pros. You don’t always have to go for an agency.

These days, its common practice to hire an industry-seasoned recruitment executive that can act as your interim recruitment director while you build out your organization.

(Some) Marketing

Marketing is one of those departments that need to be filled with all sorts of skills and talents. While in-house input on messaging and branding is a must, you can benefit from some help on the execution side.

Map out a solid marketing plan and, with your best marketing person, thresh out the plan into specific tasks. Identify what skills you need to execute. From there, hire freelancers to roll the plan out for you. You also have the option of going to a full-suite marketing agency that can handle your marketing execution while you grow and recruit.

If you’re growing, there’s no need to stunt your success by refusing to let “other” people in. There are legal safety measures you can use to protect yourself from a bad outsourcing contract. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be on track to further growth.