Guide to Building a House on a Property with Trees

Tree PlantingAre you planning to build a house on a property with trees? Here is a guide to help you do it efficiently and sustainable according to British Standards. Through this, you can build your home while protecting nature.

Benefits of having trees around your home

Putting up a house on land with trees can get in the way of your planning. However, this comes as a major advantage in disguise, as trees absolutely come with lots of benefits– you will be grateful you have some around your home!

First, trees create an aesthetic balance between structure and nature, making the landscape more beautiful and refreshing to look at. Having trees, especially fruit-bearing ones, add a pop of colour to your land. Also, when in season, you will get to enjoy the fruits without paying a dime!

Moreover, trees create a sense of privacy around the house, since they act as a natural shade. Trees also keep your surroundings cool, which comes helpful during summertime.

Guide to building a house on a property with trees

Now that you know the many benefits of having trees within your land, let us go through on how to build a house on a property with trees.

Have your property undergo a BS5837 tree survey. The first thing to do before home construction is to have your land undergo a BS5837 tree survey, which is an environmental procedure set according to British Standards, and are aimed to keep harmony and sustainability within nature.

Through this tree survey, a surveyor can assess your land and its soil, categorise the trees within it, and classify what trees to keep and remove. Afterwards, the surveyor can propose a house plan that aims to protect the trees.

Build your house according to the post-tree survey proposal. After the survey, you can already build your home according to the surveyor’s proposal. This proposal is geared toward helping you build a house you envision while protecting the tree environment around it.

With this guide, you can build your home while protecting the trees within your property and caring for nature.