Hanging Out: Aerial Yoga Attire and Equipment

Aerial yoga is an innovative exercise that lifts your spirits up, literally. It suspends the body in mid-air, allowing you to relax and stretch accordingly. This way, the muscles and joints won’t feel sluggish. Before starting this activity, thought, you need to know about the attire and equipment needed.

aerial yoga

1. HammockHigh quality aerial yoga equipment is your number one requirement before starting this activity. This silky fabric material supports the body when performing different aerial poses. Find a good supplier, so you can get a kit with additional items.

2. Accessories – A hammock won’t be of use if you don’t have your own choke loops, daisy chains, and carabiners. Ask the supplier if they sell these in sets along with the hammock kit.

3. Top – T-shirts are the preferred type of clothing when performing aerial yoga. For women, it’s okay to wear sleeveless tops, like tank tops and a sports bra, but you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with it.

4. Bottom – Jogging pants and leggings are the most common bottom wear for this activity. In fact, anything is acceptable as long as it lets you move your feet freely in different directions.

These are only some of the aerial yoga equipment and materials you need before doing this activity. To make the experience more fun and exciting, you should invite a friend. Attending sessions is also a good idea to meet new people with the same interests.