Home Refurbishing Projects: Achieving Functionality at a Low Cost

House exterior

Our homes serve as our personal cosy retreats that provide comfort, safety, and security. They are also considered extensions of our style and personalities, as they exude characteristics that make them distinct.

It is not surprising that many of us dream of having picture-perfect houses with premium designs that mimic lavish homes featured in magazines. However, although opting for luxurious looks is not wrong, it is better to have your home refurbished to increase durability and functionality. There are simple, cost-effective ways to transform your home into a formidable yet glamorous haven.

Clean up

Cleaning up your house is the first step that you should never skip when remodelling and renovating your home. Dispose of every unnecessary item in the house and have all the essential objects well-cleaned. You will notice how your house will instantly look a lot better after a clean-up session.

In addition, by doing an overall general cleaning, you will have the chance to visualise and organise your plans for renovation. Through visualisation, you can come up with more ideas on how to upgrade different areas of the house or rearrange furniture pieces for a more appealing yet functional positioning.

Use Prefabricated materials

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to refurbish your house is using prefabricated materials, like panels and boards. These usually come as part of a customisable system for rebuilding homes. Even though prefabrication is one of the cheapest ways to fortify homes, the panels offer a lot more flexibility.

For example, instead of the traditional wet plasters, try switching to dry lining boards and find tools for it on sale. Unlike wet plasters that dry slowly and can crack easily, dry lining boards are more affordable. The procedure is simple — all you have to do is skim it, tape it, or joint it and voila, your walls or ceilings are now ready for extra sealing and painting. You will be saved from long hours of waiting.

Target the essentials

Planning on house renovation

When renovating, do not just focus on what the eyes initially see. Give priority to the functionality of your house as well, particularly the essentials which you use from day to day.

  • Doors: This may cost you a couple of dollars, but it is wise to have your doors checked and renovated by an experienced carpenter. You can have them repainted if necessary, or coated with wood protection to prolong its usability.
  • Floor Tiles: Brittle and cracked floor tiles can be off-putting and give a bad first impression to your visitors. Consult an expert floor builder and have them remove and replace damaged tiles with new decent flooring materials to give your house a fresher look. Choose a lighter colour like white to give a simple yet timeless and elegant look.
  • Paint job: A paint job is a simple way to brighten up and enliven your house while also getting rid of any furniture marks or signs of wear. Look for lighter cream colours and neutral shades to make your house more welcoming and well-lit.

Making your home as luxurious as it can be is possible, but you should remember not to overdo it. Remember to strike a balance as well.