Homebuying: Must-Have Checklist Before Getting Your Dream House

Dream HouseEvery kid’s room has this colorful illustration of a house posted on the wall. Drawn on a blank sheet of paper, inspired by your childhood’s vibrant and endless imagination. It gave you an early sense of inspiration in life. That one day that drawing will no longer be on your wall.

You went to school, graduated and landed a great job. Even as an adult, you never lost that image of your dream house as a child. It became your drive to work hard and save enough. Now that you feel the strongest urge to leave your parent’s home or your tiny apartment, you need to ask yourself if you have what it takes to make that dream a reality.

After moving in, Apres Party and Tent Rental says that there’s no harm in throwing a party and calling catering service and linen rentals to help you celebrate a dream come true. After all, it’s your first home and where your heart is.

1. You Have a Blooming Career – Having saved the down payment needed for the house is not enough. There are the mortgage and bigger monthly expenses including and not limited to the maintenance. It is important that you have a career that is moving forward to give you the financial advantage and assurance of not just purchasing the house but being able to keep it.

2. You Have an Allotted Emergency Fund – Accept it, once you have moved in there are other things that might go out of your control. You won’t want to see yourself in the midst of panic because you already spent your savings in buying a house. Make sure that you have something kept under your sleeve in times of emergency to without compromising the mortgage.

3. You Have Rented Long Enough – If you’ve rented for more than five years, you will be surprised to know that the amount you paid for rent over the years is as close to the amount you could have used to buy your home. Some get lost in their busy lives and routine that they tend to miss this reality. It is not wrong to be comfortable with the place you live in as long as you’re not throwing money on something that will not belong to you.

4. You See Yourself in that Location for a Long Time – There is no point in investing in real estate if you don’t intend to stay. More than a sign of independence, your home should make you feel that you belong. That particular place where you can rest your tired thoughts and feel relaxed. You must see yourself staying for quite a while before jumping into buying.

5. You are Completely Ready to be Your Landlord – Having your own place comes with great responsibilities. Compared to when you were renting, you can always call your landlord if something goes wrong. When you have a house, you must set your mind that you have no one to count on but yourself. Though you can pay someone to do it, the point is it’s still your job to keep it standing.

If all these signs answer nothing but a resounding yes to your question “am I ready to own house?” then you are. Once you’ve settled in, don’t forget to host that much-awaited house blessing and have your family and friends share the joy with you.